Department of Economics

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We have a strong research culture with many of our research articles being published in general interest or top field journals in economics.

The results from the REF2014 confirm that our research is of excellent quality.


Selected recent publications

Gersbach, H. and Schneider, M. T., 2015. Forthcoming. On the global supply of basic research. Journal of Monetary Economics

Zubrickas, R., 2015. Optimal grading. International Economic Review, 56 (3), pp. 751-776.

Isoni, A., Poulsen, A., Sugden, R. and Tsutsui, K., 2014. Efficiency, Equality, and Labeling. American Economic Review, 104 (10), pp. 3256-3287.

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Research groups

Our research activities cover all the mainstream fields of Economics. At the same time, the research at the department is centred around the following groups.

Economics chart


We are particularly focused in time series analysis, international macroeconometrics and non-linear econometrics.


Economic Theory

We place particular focus on theoretical and applied game theory.

Labour, Education and Health Economics

We have a particular focus on wage discrimination, low pay and the minimum wage.

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Macroeconomics and Finance

We focus on New Keynesian Macroeconomics, Systemic risk, Exchange rate models, and Dynamic General Equilibrium Models.

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Public and Environmental Economics

We place a particular focus on climate change, corruption, international environmental treaties, social norms and waste disposal and recycling.