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These podcasts are from our public lecture series and feature leading names talking about the latest research in their field.

What you get is what you expect

Dr Katja Wiech
Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Pain is a major health care problem worldwide. It affects the wellbeing of millions of individuals, and its financial burden upon our societies is considerable. Pain is not a simple reflection of the degree of tissue-damage, it is strongly influenced by expectations and beliefs individuals hold about pain and their ability to cope with it.

In this lecture, Dr Katja Wiech from the Centre for Pain Research, talks about research into how expectations can influence the outcome of pain treatment.

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The science of breakfast in weight management and health

Dr James Betts
Thursday, 25 April 2013

In this lecture, Dr James Betts examines the importance of eating breakfast for overall good health, and whether missing breakfast could increase a person's risk of becoming overweight or suffering from heart disease or diabetes.

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The science of sports performance and injury prevention

Dr James Bilzon
Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Dr James Bilzon discusses sports science research

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The Paralympic Legacy

Simone Lewis, Dr Polly Mcguigan and Dr James Bilzon
Thursday, 31 March 2011

Simone Lewis, Dr Polly Mcguigan and Dr James Bilzon examine how the University of Bath aims to become a research centre of excellence in disability and Paralympic sport ahead of and beyond London 2012.

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Pain science: discovering the limits of experience

Dr Lindsey Cohen, Dr Candy McCabe, Dr Lance McCracken, Dr Edmund Keogh
Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Members of the new Bath Centre for Pain Research celebrate its launch. The lecture is introduced by Professor Chris Eccleston, the centre's director, and includes an address by Dr Lindsey Cohen and talks by Dr Lance McCracken, Dr Candy McCabe and Dr Ed Keogh.

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Cognitive Behaviour Therapy with Children and Young People

Professor Paul Stallard
Wednesday, 18 Aprril 2007

Paul Stallard, Professor of Child & Family Mental Health at the University of Bath and a chartered clinical psychologist with the Avon & Wiltshire Mental Health Care Partnership Trust, describes CBT, its use with children and young people and takes a critical look at its future use.

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