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Business connections

Working with us is a great way to develop your organisation, improve your business and engage with our brightest students. With fifty years' worth of experience, we are one of the most established and successful business schools in the country.

We enjoy fruitful relationships with over 200 organisations in the south west, London, the UK and worldwide. Whether you represent a charity, an SME or a multinational corporation we would love to hear from you.

Become a corporate partner

Chris Lindsay, HR Director for Europe and Bob Pearce,
Learning & Development Director, A.S Watson Group,
discuss the benefits of being our corporate partner.

Our bespoke partnerships with companies promote opportunities that are mutually beneficial. We want to build lasting relationships with our partners, who can enjoy:

Find out more about becoming a corporate partner.

Recruit our placement students and graduates

Our courses have a huge emphasis on practical work experience. We have some of the highest employment rates the country.

Our students are prepared for work and are in great demand. Our graduates and placement students work with a growing number of local, national and international organisations. Offering placements is an excellent way for you to start building relationships with our students.

Read about our acclaimed placement scheme or find out how the University's career service can help you recruit graduates.

Improve your business through research partnerships and projects

Engage with our researchers to drive innovation, develop new tools and influence change in how you think and work. Research partnerships enable you to work with our expert academics to address business challenges.

Get in touch with our research office to explore research collaboration.

Sponsoring an undergraduate research project gives you the opportunity to:

Learn more about our final year project scheme.

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