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We are a firmly established leading international centre for management research. This is reflected in our rating in the 2014 Research Excellence Framework (REF) external website which places us 8th in the UK. We have been consistently ranked in the top ten in Europe for research in the Financial Times MBA Rankings, and most recently rated 3rd in the UK for research.

The School’s international reputation is supported by leading academics who inform policy at the highest levels of business and society. Our research meets the double challenge of proven scholarly quality while achieving an impact on policy and practice.

A-Z list of Faculty staff

A - C D - G H - K L - M N - S T - Z
Faculty A-C Area of research
Professor Michael B Adams Professor Michael Adams Risk management & strategic finance, corporate governance & risk, accounting issues in insurance, historical development of insurance markets, economic efficiency and market structure in insurance markets.
Dr Christopher Archer-Brown Dr Christopher Archer-Brown Information, Decision and Operations
Dr Paul Baker Dr Paul Baker Business Taxation, Foreign Direct Investment, Trade
Dr Maria Battarra Dr Maria Battarra Operational Research, Optimisation, Mathematical Modelling, Heuristic algorithms, Vehicle Routing.
Dr David Bence Dr David Bence Equity Valuation, Financial Reporting Theory
Dr Krista Bondy Dr Krista Bondy Corporate social responsibility, sustainability, power, systems thinking, organisational resilience, governance, ethics and critical perspectives. 
Professor Alistair Brandon-Jones Professor Alistair Brandon-Jones Professional service operations, Healthcare operations, e-enabled supply chain management
Mr Ian Crawford Dr Emma Brandon-Jones Supply Chain Risk Management, Sustainable Supply Chain Management
Dr Rob Branston Dr Rob Branston Utility companies, Strategic Decision-making, Governance, Stakeholders
Professor Andrew Brown Professor Andrew Brown Narrative, Sensemaking, Identity, Change
Dr Hong T.M. Bui Dr Hong T. M. Bui Learning organisation, systems thinking, innovation, sustainability, uncertainty
Dr Alan Butt Philip Dr Alan Butt Philip Business/Economics Planning/Policy, European Economic Integration, Industry
Dr Katharina Chudzikowski Dr Katharina Chudzikowski Careers, employment relations, cross-cultural perspectives on careers, representation of knowledge workers
Dr Ian Colville Professor Ian Colville Behavioural, Social Studies, Services
Dr Philip Cooper Dr Philip Cooper Accounting, Sustainability, Education
Dr Sergio Costa Dr Sergio Costa Technology Entrepreneurship, Business Models, Organisational Improvisation, Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Strategy
Professor Andrew Crane Professor Andrew Crane Business ethics; corporate social responsibility; business and sustainability
Mr Ian Crawford Mr Ian Crawford Audit, Accounting Education.


Faculty D - G Area of research
Dr Iain Davies Dr Iain Davies Fair Trade and Social Enterprise research; Ethical Luxury Markets; Key Account Management and Business Networks
Dr Chris Dawson Dr Chris Dawson Labour Economics; Behavioural Economics; Entrepreneurship; Self-Employment; Temporary Employment; Job Satisfaction; Incentive Pay; Optimism
Daniela Defazio Dr Daniela Defazio

Innovation and Entrepreneurship; Management of Technological Innovation; Academic Entrepreneurship; Academia–Industry Interaction; Networks.

Dr Panos Desyllas Dr Panos Desyllas

High technology Mergers and Acquisitions (M&As) and innovation performance; Capturing value from service and business model innovation; Vertical boundary decisions.

Martin Diedrich Martin Diedrich Yield-curve modelling, network analysis, portfolio management tools
Professor Dimo Dimov Professor Dimo Dimov Entrepreneurship, Innovation
Professor Richard Elliott Professor Emeritus Richard Elliott Symbolic meaning of brands, consumer culture and identity, and the dynamics of brand ecology.
Professor Jurgen Enders Professor Jürgen Enders The regulation, funding and organisation of higher education and research; management/leadership and organisational change in universities; the student experience, employability and graduate careers; the socio-economic impact of universities; and academic work and career.
Dr Gunes Erdogan Dr Güneş Erdoğan Logistics, Vehicle Routing, Facility Location, Combinatorial Optimisation
Dr Felicia Fai Dr Felicia Fai Innovation Technology R&D, Asia Intellectual Property
Dr Virgilio Failla portrait Dr Virgilio Failla Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Microeconometrics
Dr Richard Fairchild Dr Richard Fairchild Behavioural Corporate Finance; Venture Capital Contracting and Performance; Applications of Game-theoretic tools to Corporate Finance Decision-Making; the effects of agency problems and asymmetric information on corporate capital structure.
Professor Emeritus Steve Fineman Professor Emeritus Steve Fineman Age and aging in organizations; Emotion in organizations; Critical organizational theory; Qualitative/ethnographic approaches.
Professor Emeritus David Ford Professor Emeritus David Ford  
Dr Marco Formentini

Dr Marco Formentini

Sustainable Supply Chain Management, Supply Chain Collaboration, Pricing, Supply Chain Integration, Value Engineering, Product Development
Dr Emmanuel Fragniere Dr Emmanuel Fragniere Auditing, Data Analysis, Statistics, Technology Planning/Policy
Professor Yiannis Gabriel Professor Yiannis Gabriel Leader-follower relations, leader pedagogy and leadership dysfunctions - Storytelling, narrative and folklore as means of studying organizational symbolism ...
Dr Simone Giansante Dr Simone Giansante Accounting & Finance
Dr Michael Gill Dr Michael Gill Identity, Institutions, professionals, qualitative research
Professor Paul Goodwin Professor Emeritus Paul Goodwin Forecasting, Decision Support, The role of management judgment in forecasting and decision making
Dr Julie Gore Dr Julie Gore The Psychology of Decision Making Behavioural Science, Managerial Cognition, Qualitative Research Methods
Professor Andrew Graves Professor Andrew Graves Manufacturing & Engineering in the Aerospace, Automotive and Construction industries
Professor Emeritus Rod Green Professor Emeritus Rod Green My current research interests include data envelopment analysis; performance measurement in health services; computer-based modelling of manufacturing and service systems; multi criteria decision analysis.
Margaret Greenwood Dr Margaret Greenwood Accounting, financial management and governance in the NHS
Dr Johanne Grosvold Dr Johanne Grosvold Business Society and Business Economics
Dr Ufuk Güçbilmez Dr Ufuk Güçbilmez Corporate Finance
Stefanie Gustafsson Dr Stefanie Gustafsson Professional work, Professional Service Firms (PSFs), Careers, Trust, Qualitative research methods.


Faculty H - K Area of research
Dr Haiming Hang Dr Haiming Hang Consumer behaviour, advertising, international retailing
Dr Nina Katrin Hansen Dr Nina Katrin Hansen HRM Systems & Intellectual Capital Architectures, HRM in Professional Service Firms, Organisational Learning & Capabilities, Micro–Foundations of Strategic Management.
Dr Robert Heath Dr Robert Heath Advertising, Emotion, Attention, Communication Psychology
Dr Stefan Hielscher Dr Stefan Hielscher Business and economic ethics; history of CSR practice, sharing economy, discourse failure
Dr Tim Hill Dr Tim Hill Social movements, Market change, Ethnographic research methods
Dr Stefan Hoejmose Dr Stefan Hoejmose Sustainable Supply Chain Management, Environmental Management in SMEs, The relationship between CSR and Strategy
Professor Veronica Hope-Hailey Professor Veronica Hope Hailey Strategic Change, HR Strategy, Trust and Trust Repair, Employee Engagement, the Employment Relationship.
Dr Andrea Herepath Dr Andrea Herepath

Strategic management, strategy-as-practice, strategy formulation, implementation and change; Institutional theory, logics and work; Critical realism, critical discourse analysis

Dr Yufei Huang Dr Yufei Huang New Product Development and Launch, Supply Chain Management, Empirical Operations Management, Game Theory and Quantitative Marketing.
Dr Kostas Iatridis Dr Kostas Iatridis Corporate responsibility, corporate sustainability, environmental management, responsible research and innovation.
Dr Zafeira Kastrinaki Professor Richard Jackson Corporate insolvency, prudential regulation, derivatives, earnings.
Dr Zafeira Kastrinaki Dr Jooyoung Jeon Time Series Analysis and Forecasting in Energy and Finance; Social Media Analytics
Dr Adam Joinson Professor Adam Joinson Behavioural Science and Cyber–Security, Social Media, Influence, Privacy and Trust, Computational Social Science, Behaviour Change and Technology.
Sarah Jones Sarah Jones Management Accounting
Dr Richard Kamm Dr Richard Kamm Information, Decision and Operations
Dr Zafeira Kastrinaki Dr Zafeira Kastrinaki Industrial Economics, Corporate Finance and Applied Econometrics
Professor Nick Kinnie Professor Nick Kinnie Managing People and Managing Knowledge in Professional Service Firms, Links between HR and Performance and Managing HRM in Outsourced Telephone Call Centres.
Dr Christos Kolympiris Dr Christos Kolympiris Venture Capital, Innovation, Patents, Intellectual Property, Federal Funding, Cluster, Knowledge Economy, Academic Entrepreneur, Firm Location Choice, Life Sciences/Biotechnology and Knowledge Spillovers


Faculty L - M Area of research
Mr Donald Lancaster Mr Donald Lancaster Marketing, Business and Society
Dr Cornelia Lawson Dr Cornelia Lawson Open sience, Labour mobility, Academic Entrepreneurship, Cross-sector collaborations and networks, Innovation and technology management, Careers of young academics.
Dr Zoe Lee Dr Zoe Lee Corporate brand, rebranding, identities, risk of emotional branding, brand in(authentic)
Professor Clive Lennox Professor Clive Lennox Auditing, disclosure, fraud, bankruptcy, empirical research methods, and Chinese accounting and auditing. 
Deb lewis Deb Lewis Financial Reporting under International Financial Reporting Standards and in Corporate Finance.
Professor Mike Lewis Professor Mike Lewis Strategic benefits of operational and supply competence, Dis-benefits of operational and supply failure
Portrait of Dr Tahiru Azaaviele Liedong Dr Tahiru Azaaviele Liedong Nonmarket strategy, Corporate Political Activity, Corporate Governance, International Business
Dr Gordon Liu Dr Gordon Liu Strategic Marketing; Cause-Related Marketing; Strategic Management; Entrepreneurship; Knowledge and Capabilities; Corporate Social Responsibility
Dr Weixi Liu (known as Louis) Dr Weixi Liu (known as Louis) Pension Economics, Entrepreneurial Finance, Entrepreneurship, Venture Capital & Private Equity
Professor Mairi Maclean Professor Mairi Maclean My research interests include international business elites and elite power from a Bourdieusian perspective, entrepreneurial philanthropy, storytelling, and historical organisation studies.
Dr Elizabeth Mamali Dr Elizabeth Mamali Consumer culture, consumption communities, taste/distaste, alternative modes of organizing, ethnographic approaches to consumption.
Dr Orietta Marsili Professor Orietta Marsili New firm survival, exit strategies, innovation and M&A.
Professor Michael Mayer Professor Michael Mayer Strategy, Institutions, Organizations, Comparative and International Business Organization and Management.
Professor Pierre McDonagh Professor Pierre McDonagh Sustainability; Sustainable Communication; Sustainable Brands; Sustainable Consumption & Production; Transformative Consumer Research; Consumer Culture Theory; Co-creation & Activism, Dark Marketing
Dr Sheik Meeran Dr Sheik Meeran Production Process re-engineering, Lean Manufacturing, Productivity Improvement, Job-shop Scheduling, Use of Intelligent tools in Management.
Dr Eleanor Morgan Dr Eleanor Morgan Business, Society and Business Economics
Dr Monia Mtar Dr Monia Mtar How multinational firms manage issues of strategic importance as they face competing demands for global integration and localisation; the impact of socio-cultural contexts on multinational firms’ behaviour; French multinationals; developments of comparative management theories in the field of international management.
Drİbrahim Muter Dr İbrahim Muter Integer Programming, Large-Scale Optimization Problems, Decision Support Systems.


Faculty N - S Area of research
Professor Rajani Naidoo Professor Rajani Naidoo Public sector markets, consumer culture, branding, higher education
Professor David P. Newton Professor David P. Newton Option pricing and mathematical finance. Financial instruments and markets
Dr Peter Nuttall Dr Peter Nuttall Consumer research, adolescents, identity, symbolic consumption
Dr Lynda Porter Dr Jamie O'Neill Socio-political theories employed in accounting - stakeholder, political economy and legitimacy theories.
Dr Vasileios Pappas Dr Vasileios Pappas Banking, Applied Macro, Financial Econometrics, Islamic Banking.
Dr Dimitris Paraskevopoulos Dr Dimitris Paraskevopoulos Metaheuristics, Mathematical programming, Network design, Scheduling, Vehicle routing
Machaela Parkin Mrs Machaela Parkin Business Law and Employment Law
Sarah (Ji Won) Park Dr Sarah (Ji Won) Park My work examines capability portfolios of firms and seeks to advance the understanding of firm heterogeneity. I am also interested in new venture strategy.
Professor Stephen Pavelin Professor Stephen Pavelin Corporate social responsibility, Corporate reputation, stakeholder management, business economics
>Dr Pietro Perotti Dr Pietro Perotti Capital market effects of accounting information, financial reporting quality, empirical market microstructure
Dr Fotios-Petropoulos Dr Fotios Petropoulos Decision support systems, Forecasting with judgment, Model selection, Temporal aggregation, Time series forecasting
Dr Lukasz Piwek Dr Lukasz Piwek Behavioural Science and Technology, Computational Social Science, Data Mining and Visualisation, Quantified Self, Cyberpsychology, Social Media
Dr Lynda Porter Dr Lynda Porter Corporate Social Responsibility, International Business Strategy, Business Economics, Industrial Organisation Theory
Professor Nancy Puccinelli Professor Nancy Puccinelli Retailing, Consumer Behaviour, Affect and Emotion, Advertising Effectiveness, Pricing
Dr Bruce Rayton Dr Bruce Rayton Strategic Human Resource Management; Employee Commitment; Incentive Pay; Corporate Governance
Professor Peter Reason Professor Emeritus Peter Reason Human dimensions of sustainability
Dr Anthony S Roath Dr Anthony S Roath International Supply Chain Management, Sustainability, Dynamic Capabilities, Strategy
Dr Jens Roehrich Dr Jens Roehrich Governance of inter-organisational relationships, Procuring complex performance, Public procurement, Innovation management
Professor Ammon Salter Professor Ammon Salter Technology and Innovation Management, Open Innovation, University-Industry Interactions, Social Networks and Innovation
Professor Avi Shankar Professor Avi Shankar Consumer research; Consumer Culture Theory
Dr Robin Shields Dr Robin Shields Higher education, globalization, international development, social network analysis, quantitative methods
Sarah (Ji Won) Park Dr Yvetta Simonyan Consumer Decision Making, Branding, Marketing Communications, Charitable Giving, Marketing and Society
Mrs Annie Powell Mrs Annie Snelson-Powell Marketing, Business and Society
Professor Brian Squire Professor Brian Squire Supply Chain Risk Management, Behavioural Operations, Sustainable Supply Chains, Open Innovation
Professor Juani Swart Professor Juani Swart Managing Knowledge and Knowledge workers, Professional service firms, Intellectual capital, Knowledge mapping
Miss Joanna Syrda Dr Joanna Syrda Industrial Organisation, Applied Microeconomics, Labour Economics


Faculty T-Z Area of research
Dr Svenja Tams Dr Svenja Tams Careers, Learning, Leadership, Social Change
Professor Edmund Thompson Professor Edmund Thompson International competitiveness and strategy, international political economy and socio-psychological environments 
Dr Phil Tomlinson Dr Phil Tomlinson Globalisation, Governance, Development, Clusters
Professor Ian Tonks Professor Ian Tonks Pensions, Directors Trading
Dr Fanis Tsoligkas Dr Fanis Tsoligkas Insider trading, financial reporting discretion
Dr Yvonne van Rossenberg Dr Yvonne van Rossenberg Employee behaviour in innovation processes; Multiple targets of commitment (intra- and inter-organisational); Creative processes and creative work behaviour; Innovation and growth; Human Resource Management
Dr Christos Vasilakis Professor Christos Vasilakis Application of operational research / management science to health care, computer modelling and simulation, health care analytics.
Professor Russ Vince Professor Russ Vince Organisational Learning, Leadership and Change
Dr Xingjie Wei Dr Xingjie Wei Social computing, computational sociology, biometrics, big data, social network analysis, machine learning
Mr Michael Willis Mr Michael Willis Working Capital management, Corporate Growth and Economic value creation within organisations
Ms Janet Wilson-Ward Ms Janet Wilson-Ward Commercial and company law, and Employment law. Focus on International Trade Law, corporate liability, and compensation culture.
Dr Baris Yalabik Dr Baris Yalabik Corporate Environmental Responsibility, Economic Modelling
Dr Zeynep Yalabik Dr Zeynep Yalabik Organizational Commitment; Employee Engagement; Turnover; Satisfaction with HRM practices; Organizational Socialization; Mergers
Professor Ania Zalewska Professor Ania Zalewska Emerging markets, Regulation, Pension reforms, Corporate governance
Dr Chenjian Zhang Dr Chenjian Zhang Strategic Management, Entrepreneurship, Organisational Change & Innovation, Trust Research, Neo-institutional theory, social networks, Corporate Social Responsibility