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Summary of Research Activities

The key research contributed to date includes:

1. HM Treasury Benchmarking and Government Client Improvement Reports

Launched in 1998 by the Paymaster General, these reports, written by Agile team, form the key driver for the Government's initiative to improve its role as a Client, providing a critical supplement to the conclusions and recommendations of the Egan report.

2. Ministerial Initiative Achieving Excellence

Launched by the Chief Secretary to the Treasury and ACI in 1999, the Government Client Construction Panel (GCCP) Achieving Excellence action plan represents the Government's intent to apply the lessons learnt from the Agile reports. Agile continues to provide a strategic focus for the overhaul and improvement of construction procurement across the entire government under the direction of HM Treasury.

3. Productivity Benchmarking Software and User Manual

A site productivity benchmarking method has been piloted and utilised on 25 major projects with a total value of £1,100 million. Initially develop for benchmarking major road project, its scope has now been broadened to include other types of civil engineering and building projects. The method is supported by interpretative database software that allows for the comparison of performance of a particular activity against performance elsewhere on the project, within the organization as a whole, and across all the database contributors. Integral to the development and administration of the database is Agile's independent data collation and analysis role acting as an honest broker between industry partners. The site productivity benchmarking provides a rational system for measuring successful output that allows good practice to be identified and disseminated to the industrial participants. The data collected to date, demonstrates that a 28% improvement in productivity is not unrealistic.

4. Widening the Partner Base

There are now seven major partners within Agile Construction Initiative, representing the entire construction industry supply network. This has enabled Agile to make significant research findings. These include: