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Dr Bryn Jones

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Sixties Radicalism and Social Movement Activism (book cover)

Sixties Radicalism and Social Movement Activism: Retreat or Resurgence?

Edited by Bryn Jones and Mike O'Donnell


A graduate of London School of Economics and University of Liverpool (PhD), Bryn Jones is Senior Fellow, and Admissions Tutor, Business & Community programme, for which he was Director of Studies until 2008.

He has researched socio-economic change in Britain, the United States, Japan, Italy and Vietnam and been Visiting Researcher/Fellow at MIT (1983), Danish National Institute of Social Research (2002), and the Universities of: Wisconsin (1983), Bologna (1984), Cosenza (1996).

Other positions and appointments include:

  • Associate editor: Work, Employment and Society (journal of the British Sociological Association) (1988-1991)
  • Scientific Adviser, Centre for Development of Vocational Training and Education (CEDEFOP) (1987-1993)
  • Consultant to Open University course development: Work re-organisation and new technology (1990)
  • Scientific Contributor to the European Union, Complex Urban Investment Tools programme (2006)
  • Overseas board member: Sociologia di Lavoro (1986 to date)

Research grants and awards have been received from:

  • Social Science Research Council (1977, 1983 and 1985)
  • Economic and Social Research Council (1988 and 2004)
  • CEDEFDOP (1990)
  • Joint Economic and Social Research Council/Science and Engineering Research Council (1991)
  • Departmet of Continuing Education, University of Bath (1994)
  • UK, Department of Education and Employment (2001)
  • British Council (2001)

His 36 journal/book articles and five books cover topics ranging through: social theory, employment and technological change, trade union initiatives, labour market transitions, redundancies, urban regeneration, corporate social responsibility, civil society: organisations and governance, and the development of social movements. He is currently completing a book on Corporate Power and Responsible Capitalism, Edward Elgar (forthcoming).

Extra-mural activities involve a range of voluntary organisations and groups; helping to found or run: residents' forums and transport and campaign groups. He was co-founder and vice-chairman of West Bromwich Albion's supporter-shareholder association and manages to combine a life-long pre-occupation with his home-town football club, and chairing the Bath, community-sustainability organisation Transition Larkhall.

Research interests

  • Corporate power
  • Economic and business patronage
  • Social movements
  • Civil society governance
  • Comparative sociology of economic and micro-political change (UK, USA, Europe and East Asia)






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Jones, B., 2015. Corporate Power and Responsible Capitalism?:Towards Social Accountability. Edward Elgar.

Book Sections

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Jones, B., 2007. Participation in the Socio-Political Foundations of the Management of Urban Redevelopment. In: Dalla Longa, E., ed. Complex Urban Investment Tools: Which Model for their Management? Milan: Bocconi/European Commission.


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