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Be a part of our award-winning multi-disciplinary research team. We regularly advertise job opportunities within our Centre.

Our research within the Centre for 21st Century Public Health explores ground-breaking approaches to public health and sustainability to enable society to meet the unique challenges of the 21st century.

We are focused on the commercial, political, economic and social determinants of health. Our research engages with the complexity of the challenges and responses to these factors, and is committed to delivering highly relevant impacts.

We are currently recruiting to roles to be part of our new Population Health Improvement UK: Commercial Determinants of Health & Equity research team (also known as the “Health Hub”).

This team will identify, implement and evaluate the population-level interventions with the aim of improving health, wellbeing, and equity at scale. It comprises researchers from other educational institutions, public health practitioners and civil society groups.

Available roles

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These roles are based at the University of Bath. Please apply on the University of Bath web page.

Conflict of Interest

The post holder must have no previous work for or with the tobacco industry or organisations or individuals financially linked to the tobacco industry. To avoid potential conflicts of interests and to ensure compliance with Article 5.3 of the FCTC, applicants are therefore asked to declare any current or previous occupational activity with any tobacco, e-cigarette, e-liquid or vaping company or those receiving financial contributions from these industries, whether gainful or not.

In line with the Centre’s wider work, applicants are also asked to declare any links to or work for other unhealthy commodity industries notably ultra-processed foods, fossil fuels, alcohol and gambling industries.

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