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Qualitative Innovation Series

In addition to the Core Training Package, as part of the SWDTP-Funded Workshops, the Centre for Qualitative Research is running a Qualitative Innovation Series.

The Centre for Qualitative Research is running weekly online workshops for doctoral researchers funded by the South West Doctoral Training Partnership (SWDTP).

By bringing together academics from SWDTP institutions interested in qualitative research, across disciplinary pathways, we will collaboratively develop and deliver a programme of bespoke training for SWDTP doctoral researchers.

These SWDTP-Funded Bespoke Qualitative Training Workshops will provide practical and cross-disciplinary qualitative training to SWDTP-funded doctoral scholars and others who are interested in qualitative training, through the collaborative resources of the SWDTP network.

There are two different packages: Core Training Package and Qualitative Innovation Series.

Qualitative Innovation Series

These sessions will provide a deeper and more theoretical exploration of qualitative methods.

This series will consist of four stand-alone Demand-Led Qualitative Innovations sessions, delivered on a monthly basis, between May and July, to up to 300 students online.

The session titles will be released at different times. Find the information for our first and second session below:

1. Feminist Methodologies

Session Overview: Taking inspiration from the epistemological and theoretical critiques and developments in feminisms, feminist methods and methodologies are about more than just including women in research or women studying women. Feminist methods tend to offer a challenge to knowledge production itself interlinked with feminist political intent, ethical processes, egalitarianism, and the examination of power, dominance, inequality, or discrimination. This webinar will provide an introduction to the history of feminist methods in concert with the growth of feminist thought. We illustrate both specific methodologies developed in and through feminist thought, and how feminist thought can be brought to bear on other methods and methodologies (e.g., interviews, fieldwork, ethnography, media studies), as well as on other aspects of the research process (e.g., ethics, representation).

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2. Creative Approaches to Ethical Qualitative Research: Space for Everyone?

Session Overview: Dr Shona McIntosh and Dr Rachel Wilder will discuss their recent work experimenting with creative, inclusive and alternative ways to do ethical qualitative research. Drawing from the example of an online seminar series exploring methodologies for epistemic justice, the speakers reflect on the issues of working collaboratively within hierarchical, patriarchal and Euro-centred research traditions. They reflect on the potentials and limitations of creative approaches to foster ethical, inclusive practice. This work is underpinned by a commitment to and interest in epistemic justice theory (Fricker, 2007) which focuses on whose knowledge is valued and whose voices are heard and listened to (e.g. Masaka, 2019).

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