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Resources for local councillors

This page lists resources that will support B&NES local councillors in answering questions from residents.

The Student Community Partnership

The Student Community Partnership is here to help both student and permanent residents. This is Our Shared City.

The Student Community Partnership should be the first port of call for all non-urgent matters related students living within the city of Bath.

The SCP is a bridge between the University of Bath and our Students’ Union, Bath Spa University and its Students’ Union, Bath College and its Students’ Union, Norland College and B&NES Council.

It supports student residents and permanent residents in coming together and living in the community of Bath.

Joint letter to all students

Working with Bath Spa University to reach all students.

Due to the unusual nature of returning to University in 2020, both Universities and students' unions wrote a joint letter to our students setting out the vital role they have to play in keeping our communities safe.

Shared Living Agreements

Students are asked to sign Shared Living Agreements.

Our Shared Living Agreement is a set of ‘rules’ that students, within a house or flat, have agreed to follow for the duration of their tenancy to avoid any potential tensions and to get the most out of living with each other and within the community.

This document will help students have conversations within their household about how they will live together whilst adhering to government guidelines in relation to COVID-19.

Be Safe campaign

Working together as a community to reduce risk.

In response to Covid-19 we have launched a campaign - 'Be Safe, Be Kind, Belong... Together' - which is targeted at all of our students. The campaign sets out what steps students can take to work together as a community to minimise risk.

This campaign is running throughout campus and in the city. It will appear on notice boards, electronic signage, throughout welcome week events and inductions, through email communications and on a flier being delivered door to door in residential areas.

Outbreak Management Plan

Our Outbreak Management Plan sets out a framework for dealing with one or more cases of Covid-19 amongst the University community.

At the University of Bath we take our responsibilities to students, staff, visitors and the local community extremely seriously.

The wellbeing, health and safety of our community has been central to our planning. This Outbreak Management Plan sets out a framework for dealing with one or more cases of Covid-19 amongst the University community.

University roadmap to reopening

Our route to returning staff and students to campus.

Our roadmap to reopening aims to give members of our university and local communities an indication of our plans to reopen different activities in University buildings and on campus.

The wellbeing, safety and health of all members of our staff, students and the local community is a fundamental priority for the University, and these considerations are at the core of our plans.

As you will be aware, from the 21st September the UK government is changing its alert level from three to four across the UK. The government confirmed on 22nd September 2020 that Universities are to stay open.

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If you have any questions about this information or need to request access to additional information, please contact the Community Engagement Team.