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Why join the Participate Network?

There are many benefits to joining the Participate Network. Here are just a few.

  • Being involved in research can give you a renewed sense of purpose, from being able to use your experience and knowledge to improve research and help make the future better for others.

  • It can provide you with new knowledge, from learning about how research works, what researchers are really like, and hearing about the latest research on different conditions.

  • It can help you to develop new skills through training opportunities and can build on existing skills.

  • It can help to increase your confidence, and with this increased confidence you may feel you want to get involved in more varied and extensive ways.

  • It can provide the opportunity to make many new friends, who may become a much-valued source of support.

  • Talking about your health condition or the health condition of someone you care for with researchers can sometimes provide different ways to cope.

  • You may feel valued being able to talk to someone who is genuinely interested in your health condition, making something positive of what may have been a bad experience.

Join the Participate Network