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Curriculum in Context: Psychology - Chronic Pain

Find out about how Psychology A level content is used in Psychology research.

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Hear how Monika uses the A level Psychology curriculum in her Psychology research. #Cognition #Perception #Attention #placebo #intervention #ethics #ExperimentalResearch #Pain

I’m Monika Halicka and I’m a third-year PhD student in the Department of Psychology at the University of Bath.

My research focuses on an unusual chronic pain condition, in which people tend to “neglect” (pay less attention to) their painful part of the body and its surroundings. My work involves many areas of psychology that you may already be familiar with from the Psychology A level syllabus such as the interrelationship between perception and cognition.

A level syllabus links

Psychology A level:
1. The cognitive approach
2. Experimental research methods
3. Dealing with ethical issues in research

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