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Global Chair Prof. Chuyang Tang (University of Hong Kong)

Professor Tang is a world-leading expert, highly respected for his work focused on environmental engineering, membrane technology, desalination and water reuse.

Professor Chuyang Tang is a Bath Global Chair for 2022/23
Bath Global Chair Prof. Chuyang Tang

Professor Chuyang Tang is a world-leading expert in membrane separation technology with more than two decades of research and industrial experience in the synthesis of novel membranes and optimisation of membrane processes.

Professor Tang will be hosted by the Department of Chemical Engineering. His expertise in the fields of environmental and chemical engineering is well recognised and has led to the patenting of fifteen inventions, including the Aquaporin Inside Membranes which has been successfully commercialised by Aquaporin Asia Singapore. In healthcare, his team developed nano-functionalized reusable face masks with novel air filters to fight COVID-19, which won several awards. He is a recipient of the Clarivate Highly Cited Researchers (Cross-Field) in 2021, with over 20,655 citations.

Professor Tang’s highly regarded achievements in both Healthcare and Sustainability align well with the University’s priority research in these fields. During his tenure, Professor Tang will be mentoring young academics at Bath, as well as lecturing and engaging in a wide range of courses in the Department of Engineering.

Proposed activities at Bath

  • Round-table workshop for mentoring junior academic staff
  • 1:1 research meetings within the Department
  • Research seminars (in-person and online)
  • Contribution to University public relations: academic career stories and research stories for blogging, and circulation in social media
  • Facilitation and identification of university-level collaboration between the University of Bath and the University of Hong Kong, supported by his recent inaugural RGC Senior Research Fellowship
  • Engagement with alumni from the University of Hong Kong in the UK, support for and facilitation of events for University of Bath alumni in Hong Kong.

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