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Global Chair Prof. Tianhong Cui (University of Minnesota)

A Distinguished McKnight Professor, Professor Tianhong Cui is hosted by the Department of Electronic & Electrical Engineering.

Professor Tianhong Cui is a Bath Global Chair for 2022/23
Bath Global Chair Prof. Tianhong Cui

Professor Tianhong Cui is a leading expert on MEMS/NEMS and advanced manufacturing, investigating micro and nano devices using nanomaterials and polymers for new sensors and actuators for medical and environmental applications.

He is currently a Distinguished McKnight University Professor at the University of Minnesota, where he holds various positions as Director of the Technology Integration and Advanced Nano/microsystems Laboratory, Professor in Mechanical Engineering, and Affiliate Senior Member of the graduate faculty in the Departments of Electrical Engineering and of Biomedical Engineering. Throughout his career Professor Cui has founded several scientific journals, has published over 360 papers, and held many prestigious Fellowships worldwide.

Professor Cui will be collaborating with the Department for Health and the Faculty of Engineering, specifically Chemical Engineering and Electronic and Electrical Engineering. MEMS devices enable the miniaturisation of biological parameter acquisition with a data-driven, digital approach: a technology that can not only radically change the way healthcare is delivered, but also has many applications in the field of sustainability. With both healthcare technologies and sustainability being two strategic research priorities of the University of Bath, Professor Cui’s contribution will be of great value and continue to build on Bath’s leading international research outputs.

Proposed Activities at Bath

  • A public lecture provided by Prof Cui on MEMS and nanomanufacturing for healthcare and environment applications
  • A workshop on Wearable Micro Sensors and Microfluidics for Healthcare and Environment, for a select group of interested University of Bath researchers
  • Networking activities to promote connections and interactions across campus and brainstorm ideas for future research and funding opportunities, including group and individual meetings with Bath academics and researchers
  • Formal dinner with Faculty and Departmental executives
  • Pitch events within research centres of relevant Departments to provide Prof Cui with an overview of the breadth of their current research portfolio and ideas for innovation
  • Follow-up meetings with the principal investigators of relevant research areas and projects that show potential for further collaborations and/or spin-off projects.

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