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Global Chair Professor Francesca Aweeka (University of California, San Francisco)

A leading expert and researcher in infectious diseases, Professor Francesca Aweeka is hosted by the Department of Life Sciences.

Professor Francesca Aweeka
2023/24 Global Chair Professor Francesca Aweeka

With more than 35 years experience as a clinical pharmacologist, Professor Francesca Aweeka's work has enabled a better understanding of the clinical pharmacology and treatments of several global health diseases, most notably malaria, HIV and most recently, COVID-19. Prof Aweeka previously served as the Chair of the Pharmacology Committee of the NIH-based AIDS Clinical Trials Group and served as the Director of the internationally regarded Drug Research Unit (DRU) at the University of California, San Francisco for >20 years.

Professor Aweeka's research is primarily focused on anti-infective drugs, specifically in resource-limited settings such as sub-Saharan Africa. Her work has significantly contributed to the optimization of anti-retroviral drug therapies for the treatment of HIV.

Through her mentorship of students, trainees and early career researchers at UCSF and, most notably, in sub-Saharan Africa, Prof Aweeka has made major contributions to diversity, equity and inclusion. She is Principal Investigator for multiple grants funded by the US National Institute of Health that focus on improving treatments for vulnerable populations in Uganda and as part of a UCSF School of Pharmacy initiative, she is collaborating with the University of Nigeria to develop curricula for their School of Pharmacy program.

Professor Aweeka will be hosted by Professor Richard H. Guy in the Department of Life Sciences. Regarding Prof Aweeka's appointment as a Bath Global Chair, Prof Guy said:

Professor Fran Aweeka is internationally recognised for her research that has focussed on understanding the clinical pharmacology and improving the treatment of several global health diseases. Professor Aweeka’s appointment as a Global Chair offers several opportunities to forge strong interactions and partnerships between Bath and the University of California, San Francisco, particularly in the areas of regulatory science, antimicrobial drug pharmacology and resistance, and in developing and enabling research and education in pharmacy practice. The Department of Life Sciences looks forward enthusiastically to Professor Aweeka’s presence on campus and to the establishment of high-profile collaborations in health-related research and practice encompassed within the Bath Beacon of Health & Well Being.

Proposed Activities at Bath

  • Academic meetings and skill exchanges
  • Masterclasses and mentor opportunities for students and early-career researchers in the areas of infectious diseases and “Inquiry Instruction”
  • Conducting joint symposia, workshops and conferences
  • A public lecture
  • Working with Pharmacology and Pharmacy academics to identify 3/4 scientific areas for potential joint PhD and staff collaboration

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