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Global Chair Professor Nicolas Kotov (University of Michigan)

A pioneering academic in the cross-disciplinary studies of inorganic nanomaterials, Professor Nicolas Kotov is hosted by the Department of Physics.

Professor Nicholas Kotov
2023/24 Global Chair Professor Nicholas Kotov

Professor Nicholas Kotov is an Irving Langmuir Distinguished University Professor of Chemical Sciences and Engineering at the University of Michigan. With his publications being cited more than 72,000 times, Professor Nicholas Kotov leads the Kotov Lab, and centers his research around biomimetic nanostructures.

A recipient of numerous internationally renowned awards, including the 2021 Turnbull Lecture Award from Materials Research Society, 2021 NSEF Award from American Institute of Chemical Engineering, 2020 Newton Award from the US Department of Defence, and the 2018 Soft Matter Award from the Royal Society of Chemistry, Prof Kotov has also chaired four Gordon Research Conferences. Most recently, Prof Kotov was elected into the National Academy of Inventors in 2020 and the prestigious American Academy of Arts and Sciences in 2022.

Prof Kotov will be hosted by Professor Ventsislav Valev in the Department of Physics. His appointment as a Global Chair builds upon his lab's established link with the research groups of Prof Valev here at Bath. A Memorandum of Understanding has recently been signed by the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor and Bath to further enhance research collaboration between the two institutions. Upon Prof Kotov's appointment as a Bath Global Chair, Prof Valev said:

It brings me immense joy to welcome Professor Nicholas A. Kotov as a Global Chair. He is a renowned academic, whose work has been distinguished with more than 20 major honours from professional chemistry, materials, and engineering societies in the USA and in Europe. Professor Kotov's work has been pioneering, particularly in the areas of cross-disciplinary studies of inorganic nanomaterials. His fundamental contributions include elaboration of the mechanisms of their interactions with light, discovering their self-assembly pathways that mimic those of bio-molecules and employing applied mathematical models to understand their complexity. He is also a source of inspiration for early-career and aspiring academics, for whom his mentorship will be invaluable. With his affiliation, I also anticipate numerous opportunities for interdisciplinary collaboration at Bath and the potential for institutional partnerships with The University of Michigan. I am thrilled about Professor Kotov's appointment and eager to collaborate on finding innovative solutions to global issues.

Proposed Activities at Bath

  • A public lecture
  • Faculty of Science research colloquium and entrepreneurship seminar
  • Meeting and collaborating with the Early Career Group in the Department of Physics
  • Meeting and collaborating with Bath academics and researchers to develop joint research projects and progress the Memorandum of Understanding established between the University of Bath and the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor

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