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Inspired by an Olympian

Hosting a former Olympian on a school visit was one of Adele's placement highlights when studying her undergraduate sports course.

Adele sat down with her legs crossed as she smiles at the camera
Adele was part of a Graduate Sport Assistant team whilst on her placement

We spoke to final year BA Sport and Social Sciences (now BSc Sport Management Coaching) student Adele Pryer about placements at Bath.

'At first, the placement opportunities at Bath did not influence my decision to study here. It was the course and the beauty of the city that drew me in. Once I started, however, the benefits of completing a placement year became obvious to me, meaning I quickly swapped to the placement course.'

Applying for placements

'Knowing that I want to work within the educational sector, to secure a placement, I researched schools that I felt would align with my ideal placement. I emailed across a speculative email and cover letter to these schools. I distributed these to five schools and received responses from three schools to attend interviews. I was offered a placement at each of these schools and had a choice as to where I wanted to go.'

Adapting to challenges

'I enjoyed being part of a Graduate Sport Assistant team of six whilst on placement. We all had differing specialist sports and we often led school events together. At first it was challenging trying to understand that not all students are motivated to participate in sports. Previously, I had coached children who had an interest in sports, meaning they had a different attitude when it came to taking part. It was difficult to encourage these students to want to join in and be enthusiastic towards sports.'

Hosting a former Olympian

'One of the most enjoyable part of my placement was meeting and hosting Olympic Gold Medallist Hockey Player Helen Richardson-Walsh during a school visit. She gave an inspirational hockey coaching session and spoke to the talented athletes at the school. It was great to hear the students asking her questions and gaining insight into the experience of a former Olympian.'

Putting skills into practice

'Being a Sports Assistant and Resident Tutor, I was able to apply the differing teaching styles learnt on the course into practice when co-teaching PE lessons. I also had various deadlines throughout the week that had to be met, and therefore I was able to apply my time management skills.

'Before my placement, I had been previously employed within a professional setting and therefore it was more getting used to the ethos and structure of the school and being professional in a different way which included corresponding with parents regarding their children’s progress.'

How placement has helped shaped my future

'Placement has shown me that I would like to work within the educational sector and, specifically within a sporting environment, aiming to help others reach their own personal potential. It has also shown me that I would not like to limit this just to the practical side of teaching, but I would also like to have an involvement in the teaching side.'

‘Once I started at Bath, the benefits of completing a placement year became obvious to me.’
Adele Pryer BA Sport and Social Sciences (2019)