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DECkNO: curriculum, training and inclusion at the University of Bath and beyond

DECkNO contributes to work at the University of Bath and SWDTP that decolonises the curriculum, trains students and facilitates inclusion.


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DECkNO is taking an active role in the University of Bath’s institutional work to decolonise of the curriculum

DECkNO aims to have an active role in the University of Bath’s institutional work towards both the decolonisation of the curriculum and a new strategy or Equality, Diversity and Inclusion.

Decolonising the curriculum

We have contributed to the process of ‘decolonising the curriculum’ with the University’s Centre for Learning and Teaching Hub. Dr Ana Dinerstein and Dr Luisa Enria have presented at a workshop organised by Curriculum Developer Eleanor Parker (Curriculum Development Team) addressing a wide range of teaching and learning issues across the institution, focusing on inclusion. The aim of the workshop was to allow departments to determine their priorities in this area and take tangible steps to challenge what is considered ‘central’ in their learning and teaching environment. The workshop was designed to help them explore how diverse voices and experiences could be included in their courses, whether in design or delivery. We will continue working with curriculum development team.

SWDTP training activities

We will contribute to a SWDTP-funded Higher-Level Training on Decolonising Social Research, looking at five areas: theory, epistemology, methodology, ethics and representation in research. This is Convened by Dr Angeline M. Barrett. For information on upcoming activities, see our events section on our main landing page.

Equality, diversity and inclusion

We are also aiming to contribute to the University’s new strategy of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, led by Georgina Brown, Head of Equality, Diversity & Inclusion (ED&I) for the University:

‘Following the death of George Floyd, we made a statement as a University, acknowledging that we still have much to do to address issues of racism, inequality and diversity in our own community and wider society. Recognising the importance of tackling racism in particular, we have now agreed to establish a Race Equality Taskforce which will consider matters relating to staff and students and to create and advertise the position of a Head of this taskforce, reporting to the Vice-Chancellor, who will establish and Chair the group once appointed, recognising that this should be inclusive and have as broad as possible a representation from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic members right across all sections of our community’

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