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International Relations Research Group themes

View the areas of research for the International Relations Research Group.


Research themes

  • Causes of violent conflict
  • Conflict, development and state building
  • Cyber security, propaganda and hybrid warfare
  • Ethical, philosophical, religious and aesthetic approaches to peace and violence
  • Foreign policies, security and conflict
  • Gender, race and security/military
  • Global responsibility to protect civilians against violence
  • Memory and legacy of conflict
  • Militarisation
  • Modern armed forces
  • Organised crime and violence
  • Politics of risk
  • Politics, regimes and institutions of arms control and disarmament
  • State-building and peace-building
  • War and technology
  • Women and gender in conflict and post-conflict politics

Geographic specialisations

United Kingdom

  • Conflicts such as Northern Ireland
  • Policies
  • Military
  • Discourses
  • Militarisation


  • Military
  • Cyber security
  • Responsibility to protect (R2P)

Middle East and North Africa

Syria and Libya

  • Conflict
  • State-building
  • Chemical weapons
  • Intervention


Rwanda, Sudan and Kenya

  • State-building
  • Peace-building

South and Central Asia

Pakistan, Afghanistan and Sri Lanka

  • Conflict
  • Drones
  • Limited intervention

Southeast and Northeast Asia

China, Korea, Philippines and Indonesia

  • Peace
  • Conflict
  • Democracy
  • Statesmanship
  • Ethics

Latin America

  • Foreign policy

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