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Preparing for speaking-based data collection

The third workshop in the main training package workshop series.

  • 26 Apr 2022, 10.00am to 26 Apr 2022, 12.00pm BST (GMT +01:00)
  • This is an online event.
  • This event is free

The Centre for Qualitative Research is running a series of SWDTP-Funded Bespoke Qualitative Training Workshops.

This workshop is part of the main training package. The main training package focuses on from planning to product: the process of conducting qualitative research. This will consist of a series of 7 bespoke online seminars delivered monthly to up to 50 students by collaborators across the SWDTP universities. View an overview of all workshops in the series.


Registration for the Core Training Package is available here.

Summary of workshop 3

This session will start at the point where you are ready to engage with your recruited sample and gather the data you need to help answer your research questions.

We will consider the practical steps required to set the scene for rigorous quality data collection. This will include preparing and piloting a research instrument and considering and piloting projective and enabling techniques.

We will explore ways of managing participants to maximise rapport, overcome pitfalls (for example, tricky power relations), and explore the particularities of ‘places’ to conduct your research.

Conducting online research will be an important topic for discussion. A key focus will be on exploring how best to prepare for research that enables meaningful insights from the opening up of creative, reflexive research participants, and how to avoid shutting topics and interactions down.

Workshop leader

Dr Fiona Spotswood is a Senior Lecturer in Marketing in the School of Management at the University of Bristol.

She is a qualitative researcher interested in the way leisure time physical activity fits, or fails to fit, into everyday life.

She has a background in social marketing, and considers the theoretical and practical implications for public health policy and social marketing intervention of understanding physical activity and inactivity via a socio-cultural lens.

She teaches social marketing, sustainability marketing and marketing ethics.

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