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Gender identity resources for staff and students

This guide includes a list of resources and support available for staff and students in line with our gender identity policy.

This University celebrates and values the diversity of its our staff, students and visitors. We are fully committed to providing an inclusive and welcoming community where staff, students and visitors are treated as individuals and enabled to meet their full potential.

This resource page sets out our commitment, principles and approach for ensuring trans equality and applies to all our prospective applicants for employment and study, staff and students (both past and present) and ‘third parties’ such as our contractors, visitors, and partners.



If you're a member of staff and would like information on the University's Gender Identity Policy, as well as guidelines on the support we offer trans staff and students, you can access The Gender Identity Policy page for more details.


There are many University resources available for students who would like more information on our processes related to gender identity, advice on discussing your identity or ways to best show allyship to our trans community. The list below includes some fantastic guidance provided by the University:

There are also external resources that delve further into LGBTQ+ allyship:



If you're a member of staff on the LGBTQ+ spectrum, you may find it beneficial to join the Kaleidoscope Network - a group of staff and PGR students who regularly meet to socialise, celebrate and speak on LGBTQ+ issues with others in the community. The Network is Chaired by Sophie Miles and hosts events like Pride and other fun activities. There is also a Kaleidoscope blog which members can contribute to, and a Yammer group to make connections and chat.


There are also ways for students to network with peers in an LGBTQ+ friendly space, such as the LGBTQ+ Brunch and Support Group. Here you'll find information on when the group meets and its aims, as well as further information and help on coming out and student wellbeing.

Further resources

Library lists

Are you an avid reader looking for LGBTQ+ literature? The Library has compiled a fantastic list of fictional and non-fictional works with an LGBTQ+ theme, and carries a mixture of physical and electronic copies.

LGBTQ+ glossary

LGBTQ+ charity Stonewall has provided an extensive list of terms and phrases which cover the LGBTQ+ spectrum. If you're looking to expand your knowledge, strengthen your allyship or simply refresh your memory, this list is a great place to start. Each term or phrase is accompanied by a brief explanation - and context, where necessary - to deepen your understanding.

Pronouns guidance

Earlier this year the University released Pronouns and Inclusivity Guidance which covers inclusive language, pronouns and their use as well as best practice. Staff and students are encouraged to observe this guidance to show solidarity with our community.

Latest developments

Gender-neutral toilets

A recent project spearheaded by Student Support has helped increase the visibility of Gender-Neutral toilets on campus. Here you can read about where gender-neutral toilets have been implemented and the drive behind this initiative.

Contact us

If you would like more information on any of the resources listed above, or have any other related questions, let us know.

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