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International Support Service: What we offer

Our International Support Service provides practical advice and information to international students.

Two students sat talking on a wall
Two students sat talking on a wall

What we offer?

Our aim is to improve and support your experience at Bath as an international student. We provide practical advice and information about living in Bath and the UK. We offer bookable appointments or you can ask us questions and find out more by emailing us. We also offer weekly drop-ins where you can meet other International Students.

What we can help you with

Practical information and advice including:

  • Transport and getting around
  • Multicultural outlets and helping you find international products
  • Food shopping in Bath
  • Finding things in Bath
  • Understanding UK culture
  • Integrating in UK social life
  • Practical aspects of culture shock
  • Getting along with other students and adapting to cultural differences
  • Accessing and understanding UK healthcare services
  • UK banking basics
  • Travel to and from the UK
  • Other international support that’s available at Bath University

If you need specific support, the following services can also help:

Confidentiality and safeguarding

All advice provided by the International Support Service is completely confidential. We will not discuss your case with anyone, unless:

  • you give us permission to do so
  • we need to provide services for you with other departments
  • we need to provide evidence of your eligibility for services
  • there are urgent circumstances where we need to support you and keep you and others safe

See how Student Support  deals with your confidential information.

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