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Local community groups who can support you with involving the public in your research

Here you will find details of local community groups who are happy to support you with involving the public in your health and social care research project.

Groups supporting health and social care service users

Healthwatch BANES


Champion for people who use health and social care services, make sure that those running services, put people at the heart of care. Want to understand the needs, experiences and concerns of people who use health and social care services and to speak out on their behalf. Ensure that people’s worries and concerns about current services are addressed.

Contact details

Healthwatch BANES website

Healthwatch BANES email

Groups supporting third sector organisations



3SG is a membership network of over 190 charities, social enterprises and community groups in Bath and North East Somerset (BaNES).Aim is to raise the profile of our members, and partner companies they work within, provide 1-1 support and give them a chance to influence local strategic decision making.

Contact details

3SG website

3SG email

Groups supporting ethnic minorities

Chinese Community Wellbeing Society


Supports the health and social care needs of Chinese people and their families in Bristol and surrounding area. Aims to break down the isolation suffered by chinese women and their families as a result of language and cultural barriers.

Contact details

Chinese CWS website

Chinese CWS email

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