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Quality standards, and design and review principles for participant information

These standards and principles will improve participant information, helping to make participant recruitment more inclusive and research more successful.

What are the Quality Standards and Design and Review Principles?

The Health Research Authority (HRA) created the Quality Standards and Design and Review Principles to improve information for people invited to take part in research, being carried out in NHS and Health and Social Care (HSC) settings.

The Quality Standards set out the minimum criteria that all participant information must meet.

The Design and Review Principles explain to research organisations how to achieve the standards and how Research Ethics Committees (RECs) will check whether the standards have been achieved. This will also help to ensure that the way RECs review participant information is more consistent.

What are the benefits to research participants?

Developing better quality participant information materials, created with meaningful public involvement, will provide people with the right information to make informed decisions around whether to participate in research.

What are the benefits to research community?

The Quality Standards and Design and Review principles will help make it easier for researchers to provide better participant information. This will make participant recruitment and retention more efficient and inclusive and ultimately lead to more successful research. They will also help to ensure that there is more consistency in how RECs review participant information. Compliance with the Standards and Principles will increase the possibility of receiving a favourable ethical opinion.

Where can I find them?

To find out more, see the Participant Information Quality Standards page and Participant Information Design and Review Principles page.

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