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Requesting new keys for locks in University buildings

How to get a new key cut for a door, cupboard, or another piece of office furniture.

Request keys for doors and built-in cupboards

For door locks, door keys and built in cupboards, Campus Infrastructure locksmiths cut the keys. This is a chargeable service (with the exception of Accommodation and Catering) and requires an Agresso order.

Please include the key code number off either a known working key, or off the front of the lock itself when raising the Agresso order.

Standard door key (single room)

  • Price - £16.90 per key
  • Product Code – P-XRE-911
  • Estates Supplier ID – 80002

Master key or sub master key

  • Price - £35 per key
  • Product Code – P-XRE-915
  • Estates Supplier ID – 80002

Request office furniture keys

For keys such as pedestals, an external company ( should be contacted by the customer.

They are set up on Agresso (Supplier No 154329) and will supply keys for virtually every make of office equipment. Prices are in the range of £2.00 - £3.00 each, for all but the most unfamiliar key requirements.

Turnaround is normally the next day, if the official purchase order is faxed through before 3.00pm. Information required on the purchase order is key number, contact name and details and delivery address. You can speak to them on 01268 562562


If you have any questions, please contact us.

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