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Using the University of Bath logo

Choose and download the right University logo to use online, in print and on other materials.

The University of Bath logo

Before you download the University logo, you need to decide which format to use. This depends on where you use the logo. You need to use a different format for printing on a t-shirt than creating an email signature.

Logo formats and where you might use them


Places to use a PNG include:

  • PowerPoint presentations
  • digital documents
  • email signatures


Places to use a TIF include:

  • printed publications
  • t-shirts, mugs and other promotional items
  • letterheads


Places to use an EPS:

  • printed publications made by a designer
  • exhibition materials like banners and tablecloths

Information to give to designers

If you're sending the logo to a designer, you will need to provide them with the Pantone, CMYK or RGB. These make sure they can reproduce the colour correctly in their design. You can find the Pantone, CMYK and RGB listed with each of the logo colours.

Download the University logo

Slate grey

Use this logo on a white or light background for good readability.

Slate grey logo

Download the slate grey logo:

Information for designers:

  • Pantone 432
  • CMYK C23/M5/Y0/K77
  • RGB 80/86/94


Use this logo for monochrome printing, like newspaper advertising and promotional items.

Black logo

Download the black logo:


Only use this logo on stationery.

Blue logo

Download the blue logo:

Information for designers:

  • Pantone 280
  • CMYK C100/M72/Y0/K18
  • RGB 9/70/133


Only use this version of the logo on a dark background.

Demonstration of the white logo on a black background

Download the white logo:

Information for designers:

  • CMYK C0/M0/Y0/K0
  • RGB 255/255/255

School of Management logo

Use this logo on materials related to the School of Management.

School of management logo

Download the School of Management logo:

How to use our logos correctly

The logo must always have a clearly defined area of space surrounding it to make sure that it is not crowded by other graphics or text.

This is based on a measurement of one-quarter of the height of the Gorgon's head.

University of Bath logo with exclusion zones

Electronic letterhead and accessible PowerPoint templates

Find out how to:

Contact us

If you have any questions about the University of Bath logo or need approval to use the logo externally, get in touch.

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