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Governance of Institutions and Systems

A Research Theme dedicated to the understanding of the nature and evolution of political, market and social institutions and their role on economic welfare.

Contests and Conflicts

We bring together a variety of approaches to:

  • analyse contests and predict their outcomes
  • investigate the advantages and disadvantages of affirmative actions
  • contribute to the development of the theory of conflict
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Institutions, Incentives and Welfare

We investigate the effects of institutions, social and legal norms on economic development and welfare.

Our research shows the importance of religion, linguistic structures, and economic freedom on economic outcomes.

We also show that labour market institutions can explain home-ownership differences across countries and households' fertility decisions.

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Political Economy

We study topics at the intersection of economics and political science such as:

  • lobbying and corruption
  • political persuasion
  • coalitional formation
  • electoral systems
  • value of information in democracies
  • media and politics
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Public Finance

We study problems related to the public sector of the economy. One important area of our research is tax policy and its effects on economic efficiency and social justice.

We are interested in:

  • optimal income taxation
  • efficiency costs of dividend taxation
  • cross-country tax competition
  • design of mechanisms for improving public good provision
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About us

The ultimate objective of this theme is institutional and policy design aimed at improving economic efficiency, promoting entrepreneurship, and securing social justice.

An interdisciplinary approach is a distinct feature of this theme, where the economic perspective is extended by the social, political, and legal aspects of economics activity.

We focus on four areas:

  • Political Economy
  • Contests and Conflicts
  • Public Finance
  • Institutions, Incentives and Welfare

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