Department for Health


In addition to the sports facilities available on campus via the Sports Training Village, we also have six dedicated research laboratories.

Applied Biomechanics Laboratory

person running in the Applied Biomechanics Laboratory

Our Applied Biomechanics Laboratory is equipped to study human motion and muscle dynamics.

Equipment includes:

  • Automatic motion capture system
  • Force plates
  • High speed video cameras
  • Multiple digital video cameras and editing suites
  • Telemetry EMG
  • Pressure mat system
  • Dual pressure insole system
  • Ultrasound system
  • Isokinetic dynamometer
  • Wireless inertial motion tracking system
  • Strain gauge / accelerometer acquisition system
  • Timing gate systems
  • Laser Distance Measurement system
  • Dedicated Linux server for computational analysis

Much of this equipment is mobile and can be used for field-based research.

Video-digitising suite

Our dedicated video analysis suite features PEAK Motus and Target systems and Sportscode match analysis software.

Applied physiology laboratory

person in applied physiology laboratory

A research laboratory dedicated to physiological data collection during exercise equipped with:

  • Various cycle ergometers (for example, Monark & SRM)
  • Treadmills (Woodway and Powerjog)
  • Resistance equipment (Keiser)
  • Expired air analysis (Servomex)
  • Portable expired air analysis (COSMED)
  • ECG
  • Fusion Smartspeed & Brower timing gates
  • Physical activity energy expenditure (Actihearts)
  • Continuous Glucose Monitors

Biochemistry laboratory

Our ‘wet’ laboratory is equipped for blood handling, analysis and cell culture. The techniques used in this laboratory range from automated spectrophotometers and haematology equipment through to quantitative real-time RT-PCR for gene expression and genotyping.

Metabolic research laboratory

This laboratory is equipped for assessment of metabolism and blood flow under resting conditions. This laboratory is also equipped for tissue sampling (adipose and muscle). We also have a DEXA scanner housed in a different building for the assessment of body composition and bone mineral density.