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Edmundo Torres

Edmundo Torres

Director General of the UNAN-León - Sida

“In 2000 I was appointed Vice-Rector (equivalent to Pro-Vice-Chancellor) for Research and Graduate Studies at UNAN-León, the oldest Nicaraguan university (est. 1812).

I was the first Vice-Rector for Research in all UNAN-León's history, so my job was to create the basis for research management in my university. This meant, in practice, to develop policies, procedures and working systems for all the critical areas of research management in a traditionally teaching institution (e.g. organisation, human resources, financial support, laboratories and infrastructure, diversification and growth, networking, monitoring and evaluation, dissemination of research).

I remained in that position for 6 years (until May, 2006), when I asked to be released so I could focus on my doctoral training here in Bath.

However, I was asked to continue as the Director General of the UNAN-León - Sida (Swedish cooperation agency) research programme, a managerial position that I assumed in 2006 and keep until now. This is the biggest research cooperation programme in my university. Since I assumed this position it has meant almost 1 million GBP per year.

My main research interest in the DBA is about the role of universities in a knowledge economy in the context of developing countries. Within this I have carried out the first diagnosis of the situation of university research in Nicaragua and have written a critical analysis to the bill of the Law on Science and Technology. I have also prepared a proposal to organise a National System of Researchers and a National Strategy for Scientific Training in Nicaragua”

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