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Research, reputation and residentials: Why I chose the DBA in Higher Education Management

DBA student Amine Moussa talks about the School of Management's unique doctoral programme and why he loves the week-long study residentials.

A studio portrait of DBA student Amine Moussa stood smiling at the camera with his arms crossed.
In his free time on the residentials, Amine loves taking in Bath's breathtaking views

I knew I wanted to do a doctoral programme that would combine theory and practice. As Head of the Library Information Systems Department at the Notre Dame University-Louaize, Lebanon, I needed a doctoral programme that would suit my busy work schedule and life commitments. That’s how I ended up choosing the DBA in Higher Education Management.

A unique programme

I had been looking for a suitable DBA programme in Europe. A friend of mine was studying at Bath and she suggested I looked there, given its record of excellence in management studies. The Bath DBA stood out because of its specialisation in Higher Education Management.

The structure of the DBA takes my full-time job and heavy commitments into consideration. Another great aspect of the course is that after only a year of study I’ve been able to apply it to my work already.

The DBA involves researching issues at our own institutions. This is what makes this DBA unique. You will learn the latest theory and put it into practice outside of the course.

Sharing experiences at the residentials

My favourite part of the course has definitely been the residentials. Around 20 students from all over the world meet in Bath for a week, twice a year. My coursemates come from over ten different countries.

Every residential has a different theme, including: internationalisation, policy and management.

We learn about the latest research and practice, get exposed to new ideas, listen to leaders in the field and share our own experiences.

The residentials play a major part in bringing us closer together and developing a strong global network. Getting to know how each person thinks about a certain problem and approaches a solution has added a lot to my experience and broadened my knowledge. I particularly enjoy the residential dinner. It’s a great chance to connect and network with each other and the speakers.

The residentials also include different sessions on doctoral writing skills. These help us to develop our academic writing skills, preparing us for writing our thesis.

Another great thing about the residentials is the support we receive from the administrative and academic staff. The team is always available to answer any questions and help us through any issues. Feedback is encouraged during the residentials, and our comments and suggestions are taken into consideration.

Bath's charming beauty

Bath is one of the nicest cities I’ve visited. It’s a fact that Bath is one of the safest cities in the UK and you feel it while walking its streets. I like taking walks from the hill where the University is down to the city below - the views are breathtaking.

With its global reputation and international network, a degree from Bath is highly recognisable and very well regarded. This adds to its graduates’ credibility in the workplace.

The DBA is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. It is demanding but highly worthwhile.

The residentials play a major part in bringing us closer together and developing a strong global network.
Amine Moussa DBA in Higher Education Management

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