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Transition: Preparing to live at Bath

Part of the Transition Toolkit - more information about how to prepare for living at Bath

Transition Skills

Moving to university is a big step for many students. Mike talks here about some of the key areas to think about before coming to university to ensure you are prepared.

Managing your Money

Managing money can be a new experience for many students. Our students have been through it all and here they give you some tips for preparing a budget for university.

Read Verity's blog about how to find a part-time job during a pandemic

Watch a session on how to prepare a budget

Looking after your Mental Health and Wellbeing

We know that the pandemic has been difficult for many students. We have lots of support for students once at Bath and you can find out about some of them here. There are also some resources you can use to monitor and support your own mental health and wellbeing before you arrive.

Where you'll live

Most of your day-to-day learning will happen at the Claverton campus (the main site of the University), you can explore where you will be spending most of your time through a campus tour or exploring our 360 campus. Many students will choose to live in University accommodation in their first year and you have probably already made your selections of which accommodation you would like. Find out more about the facilities you'll have on campus below

What to bring to uni

Our students have some great tips on things you should bring to uni - some of which, you probably wouldn't think of straight away...

Read a list of things we recommend you bring

Transition Toolkit

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