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Curriculum in Context: Psychology - Coercive relationships

Find out about how Psychology A level content is used in Psychology and Education research.

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Hear how Joy uses the A level Psychology curriculum in her Education research. #SocialPsychology #Influence #GroupDynamics #Attachment #Caldini #Asch #Milgram #Persuasion #Conformity #Compliance #Authority

I’m Joy Cranham and I’m a Doctoral Research Student in the Department of Education. My research focuses on psycho-educational interventions designed to act as safeguarding tools against coercive and controlling relationships. My work involves many areas of social psychology that you may already be familiar with from the Psychology A level syllabus: in/out group dynamics; social influence; and the development of attachment.

A level syllabus links

Psychology A level:
1. The applications and implications of psychology to social and contemporary issues
2. Types of conformity: internalisation, identification and compliance
3. Social influence

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