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Global Chair Professor Steven A Farber (Johns Hopkins University)

An eminent researcher in lipid metabolism in the zebrafish, Professor Farber is hosted by Department of Life Sciences and the Milner Centre for Evolution.

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Prof Steven Farber will be jointly hosted by the Milner Centre for Evolution and the Department of Life Sciences

Professor of Biology at Johns Hopkins University, Professor Farber is a preeminent researcher in the unique properties of zebrafish larvae to explore the cell and molecular biology of lipids. His laboratory’s development and application of cutting-edge techniques is a recurring theme of Professor Farber’s research that continues to enable him to make ground-breaking discoveries in basic biology with relevance to the understanding of metabolic diseases. In 2020, Professor Farber was elected a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

Alongside his research, Professor Farber is an active advocate for science education. Having recently celebrated its twentieth anniversary in 2023, Professor Farber founded the science outreach program BioEYES that utilizes zebrafish to promote science literacy and foster an enthusiasm for genetics and the experimental process in young people. Professor Farber received the 2020 ASCB Bruce Alberts Award for Excellence in Science Education for his continued contribution to science outreach.

Professor Farber will be hosted by members of the Milner Centre for Evolution, Professor Philip Ingham and Professor Laurence Hurst, and Professor Robert Kelsh in the Department of Life Sciences. Professor Ingham said:

Professor Steven Farber is internationally recognised for his pioneering research into lipid metabolism in the tropical zebrafish. Through the analysis of mutant fish and the generation of unique transgenic animals that express light-emitting lipoproteins, his work is providing innovative approaches to the identification of novel compounds for the treatment of cardiovascular disease. His appointment as a Global Chair in the Department of Life Sciences will bring a new dimension to our research and teaching capabilities. He will also contribute to the wider community through his exceptional gift for science communication; his award-winning BioEYES science outreach programme will bring the wonders of zebrafish biology to our local school students. We are very excited and honoured to host Professor Farber and look forward to many innovative and productive collaborations with him.

Proposed Activities at Bath

  • Guest lectures on lipid metabolism and cardiovascular disease in the Pharmacology and Biomedical Science degree courses
  • Masterclasses for ECRs and post-doctoral fellows
  • Community outreach including establishing a local centre for his BioEYES programme in Bath, hosting a BioEYES workshop for local secondary school teachers and BioEYES sessions at local secondary schools
  • Workshop on "Lipids in Health and Disease"
  • Public Lecture titled The zebrafish as a model for human disease
  • Devise and run a laboratory practical course for advanced (PhD/post doctoral) students, subject to EMBO Practical Course funding application

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