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Joining a society alongside your degree

Beth, a second-year pharmacy student, talks about living in town in her first year and keeping up her dancing since starting university.

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'Even though I wasn't on campus, I found that there was a good sense of comradery with the people who were based in the city together'

Being part of a society

I did a lot of dancing back home, so it was something I was really keen to keep up at university. I went to the Freshers’ Fair in my first week and was really drawn to Body Soc, the University’s dance society. I went along to some of the taster classes and really liked the energy everyone had and how passionate they were about dancing. It was really good to be able to connect with other people that were interested in the same thing I was. Body Soc do weekly classes taught by the students in a lot of different styles. I took part in a show at the end of the year, which was really fun. There were no auditions to take part and it was a good opportunity to get on stage and perform. We could even invite our family and friends to come and watch us perform.

Living in town

I lived in John Wood Building in my first year, which is one of the University accommodations in Bath city centre. Although it wasn’t my first choice, I was really pleased with how it worked out. Even though I wasn’t on campus, I found that there was a really good sense of comradery with the people who were based in the city together, and Freshers’ Week was a great opportunity to meet a lot of them. Living in town did mean having to get up slightly earlier to catch the bus for early morning lectures, but it was really convenient as I was very close to shops and other places of interest.

Free time in Bath

In my free time, I like to go to the gym in town, which also has a bowling alley and a trampoline park. It’s a great place to go to relax with housemates and coursemates to have a break from studying. The Pavilion, the building next to the gym, has events, such as roller discos, which are a good opportunity to meet locals from Bath.

The Pharmacy degree

One of my favourite things about studying pharmacy at the University of Bath is the integrated placements that we get offered. At the end of each of our integrated units in second and third year, we get the opportunity to go to one of the local hospitals and meet patients with those diseases. It is really good to be able to put what I have learnt into practice, as well as practising my consultation skills with the patients. In second year, we go on a week-long community placement and in third year, we go on a week-long hospital placement, which are both good opportunities.

When I'm in a lecture, I find it really interesting to know that the lecturer is currently doing research for future medicines and treatments for patients on that topic. Quite often, they bring this research to the lectures so we are informed with what’s currently happening in the world of research and we're also able to relate this to the units that we are studying.

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