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Careers employer guide to ensuring inclusivity at events

Find out more about how to make sure that events and activities can be accessible for everyone

Making sure our events and activities can be accessed and enjoyed by all – presenters and hosts as well as participating students – is very important to us.

Our event spaces

We ensure that all event spaces are fit for purpose and include or have access to:

  • Flat rooms – whenever possible we ensure our events are held in flat rooms rather than tiered lecture theatres (unless requested)
  • Access to lifts
  • Accessible doors
  • Accessible and gender neutral toilets
  • Each room is equipped with a hearing loop
  • All online events can have closed captions/audio descriptions on request
  • All online events can be recorded and shared after live event (with permission)

If an event venue does NOT comply for any reason, we will ensure to notify the hosts of the event.

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