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Careers information for graduates of other universities

Find out how Careers can help graduates of other universities.

Services we offer

We do not offer direct services to graduates of other universities. We can recommend some open-access support services which are suitable for recent graduates.

Graduates of other universities are not eligible to book our appointments, events, or access our resources.

Open-access resources and events


Prospects is a well-researched careers website. It has some useful information such as job profiles to help you research potential careers.

Use Prospects' Career Planner to help with your career options. This online tool is designed to help you think about yourself and what kind of work might suit you. If you are looking for a way of generating new ideas, this could help.

Bright Network is a graduate careers website that puts diversity as central to its mission. As such it prides itself on supporting graduates from a wide range of backgrounds. This includes first-generation university graduates and graduates from ethnic minorities.

Recruitment fairs

Some UK universities hold summer graduate recruitment fairs between April and early July. Some fairs may be open to graduates of any university, but you will need to check this. Summer fairs promote the remaining vacancies at some large employers. You can also meet smaller and regional employers.

Search for these on Prospects and filter using 'Graduates' to find the right events.


As well as online jobs boards, you can use these suggestions when looking for job opportunities:

Getting advice and guidance

Your own university

We recommend that you contact your own university's careers service to ask about graduate services. Check service availability as provision varies. For example, some universities will only offer services to those who have graduated within a certain time. Some services may charge a fee.

National Careers Service

The National Careers Service is a free government service for people living in England. It is not a graduate-only service. They offer information for people aged 13 and over. You can arrange a web chat or a telephone call with one of their advisers.


If you have any questions, please contact us.

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