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Careers statement of service

An outline of the services offered by Careers to students, graduates, academic departments and employers.

Summary of our services and locations


  • We provide services via our website and MyFuture
  • Some of our events are delivered as webinars
  • We can offer appointments by Skype or telephone.

On campus

  • Drop in service
  • Bookable appointments for all clients
  • Skills development workshops and talks

Most bookings are made in advance through MyFuture. Please check carefully the location of the appointment, event or workshop you are attending to ensure you arrive at the right place on time.

Full details about appointments are on our Careers Service appointments page.

Visiting us

We are based in the Virgil Building. Find out more about our Virgil Building location.

Students and graduates

Bath students and graduates can expect the Careers Service to provide:

  • individual confidential appointments during which clients should expect to be able to negotiate what they hope to get out of it, to have their views listened to sympathetically and impartially, and to have a constructive discussion which helps to identify realistic courses of action to follow up
  • relevant and up-to-date information on occupations, further study opportunities, vacation work, voluntary work, employers and graduate vacancies
  • help with applications, interviews and aptitude testing, and with the development of transferable skills, often through workshops
  • a comprehensive website which delivers information and relevant links effectively.

Students and graduates may be referred to other appropriate agencies with their consent; examples include other student services and other HE careers services. The Careers Service is committed to confidentiality. Personal information is available to Careers Service staff for operational purposes, but no information is disclosed to external parties (including employers) without consent.

The Careers Service expects students and graduates:

  • to keep appointments for advice, guidance and booked events, and to let us know in advance if unable to do so. Failure to do so may result in temporary revocation of booking rights
  • to complete any preparation they are requested to do before appointments or group work
  • to conduct themselves in a reasonable, responsible and professional manner in their dealings with employers
  • to respond to requests for information on what they are doing after graduation.

Student eligibility

Our services are appropriate for and open to undergraduates, taught postgraduates and doctoral students. MBAs have dedicated provision in the School of Management and students in some of the colleges in partnership with the University have college-based provision.

Services to students and graduates from other institutions, and Bath staff

Careers appointment Email and telephone guidance Website Information room
Graduates from other HEIs No No Yes Yes
Undergraduate students at other HEIs No No Yes Yes
Bath staff No No Yes Yes
Bath staff who have graduated from elsewhere in the last three years Yes Yes Yes Yes
Bath Research staff Yes Yes Yes Yes

Careers appointments, web-based services and information services continue to be available indefinitely to Bath students following graduation, although some appointment restrictions are applied during peak periods.


The Careers Service aims to provide opportunities for employers and students to meet, to advise employers on recruitment issues and to promote the University and its graduates to employers.

Services include the provision of comprehensive recruitment facilities, such as advertising graduate vacancies and vacation jobs, organising fairs, presentations, workshops and interviews.

Details are given on the employer page.

We expect employers to:

  • provide us with up-to-date information about their opportunities and business, including timely and adequate details of vacancies
  • follow good practice in recruitment procedures e.g. responding promptly and accurately to queries from candidates, giving candidates reasonable time to consider a job offer, and providing feedback to candidates when they reach the final stages of selection processes
  • provide feedback on our services.

We reserve the right not to deal with agencies or intermediaries who are not prepared to name their specific employer clients, and to challenge recruitment or selection practices not considered to be in the best interests of students or graduates. We have a policy statement for recruitment intermediaries.

Our activities subscribe to The Equalities Act 2010 and other relevant legislation.

Academic Departments

The Careers Service aims to support the development of students' employability and to keep staff informed about the state of the employment market. The Careers Service will support academic staff by providing:

  • talks and skills development sessions for students
  • information on the graduate labour market and on the destinations of Bath graduates
  • assistance to employers wishing to make contact with academic departments
  • guidance for individual students referred by staff.

In return we ask departments to:

  • help us with getting careers information to students
  • provide slots in the teaching timetable for agreed talks and events
  • help us obtain information on destinations
  • keep us up-to-date with course and other developments in the department.

Please see Information for staff on services offered by Careers.

Professional principles

The Careers Service adheres to the AGCAS Code of Practice which defines the professional principles for careers services in higher education. Any agreement entered into by the Careers Service with any organisation for the purpose of obtaining additional services or resources will not affect the impartiality of the Careers Service.

In line with the code of practice under which we operate, all members of staff are trained appropriately for their job and undertake regular further training to update their professional knowledge and skills.

Equal opportunities policy

The Careers Service operates under the following policies and codes of practice:

The University of Bath

The University of Bath intends to provide its services to students, staff, visitors and others in a fair and equitable way. It monitors the recruitment, achievement and retention of staff and students, and provides its staff with equalities training. Its objectives and equality action plan aim to ensure equality and diversity is fully incorporated into its core business. For more detail, please see the University’s Statement of Equality Objectives 2019 to 2021.

Our commitments

The Careers Service, in furtherance of this principle, is committed to monitoring and improving its performance. This covers various aspects of the service, including:

  • promoting the service effectively to all users
  • providing relevant and accurate information for service users
  • overcoming barriers to access, including the provision of materials in alternative formats (with notice)
  • monitoring usage of elements of the service where practicable
  • supporting providers' justifiable positive action initiatives

Feedback, compliments and complaints

The Careers Service welcomes feedback. Students and other clients can provide feedback by various means, including questionnaires and via email to

Complaints should initially be passed to the Director of Employability and Student Success, Helen Stringer at Unresolved complaints will be referred to the Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Learning and Teaching).

Other pages related to Careers Service coverage and principles


If you have any questions, please contact us.

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