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Careers statement of values

Find out more about the values of the Careers and how these inform our work, including the jobs we advertise and employers we work with.

Professional principles

Careers adheres to the AGCAS Member Code of Ethics which defines the professional principles for careers services in higher education. Any agreement entered into by the Careers with any organisation for the purpose of obtaining additional services or resources will not affect the impartiality of Careers.

In line with the code of practice under which we operate, all members of staff are trained appropriately for their job and undertake regular further training to update their professional knowledge and skills.

Vacancy advertising

One of our key principles as a Careers service is to offer a truly impartial service and maximise freedom of choice to our students.

For every student that, for example, is concerned to see any particular vacancy included, there may well be others who wish to see listings for the organisation.

If we were to censor opportunities based on our interpretation, we deny those opportunities to students with different beliefs. We ensure that we only advertise opportunities that meet legal requirements (for example National Minimum Wage requirements) but appearance on our job postings should not be taken as an endorsement of the opportunity by the University of Bath.

To be truly impartial means that we offer the opportunities of all companies to all students. This does mean that students may see opportunities that they feel uncomfortable with.


If you have any questions, please contact us.

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