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Late exam submission

How to request your online (Inspera) exam files are accepted after the deadline if you experienced exceptional technical issues submitting your attempt.

The process

You can tell us if your exam was complete, but your submission was disrupted by unexpected technical issues that you could not have planned for. This does not necessarily mean your late submission will be accepted.

You must make your late submission request as soon as you possible after the exam deadline and by 9am British Summer Time (BST) on Wednesday 31 August 2022 at the latest.

You must use the Late Exam Submission Request form (form not available after 9am on 31 August 2022) to submit your request.

Your department (including your Personal Tutor, Director of Studies or Student Experience Officer) cannot consider any request to accept your exam late. Please do not contact them about a late submission. You can speak to an SU Advisor for independent advice on what to include in your late submission request and IMC claim.

You will need to provide:

  • your exam file(s)
  • a description of the technical difficulty that prevented your submission
  • time and date stamped evidence of your technical difficulty that stopped you submitting your file before the deadline. See the list below of appropriate evidence

Please make sure where possible you have all your evidence collated and submitted with your request. You have up until 9am on the 31 August to submit any additional evidence, you can do so by emailing directly.

This process will not allow you to replace exam files you have already submitted unless there was an extraordinary technical issue that affected your ability to submit the file correctly. If an extraordinary technical issue prevented you from submitting some of your files, you may be able to request they be accepted after the deadline.

If you have any questions or concerns about this process, you can contact the Exam Helpline on +44 (0) 1225 387500 for advice between 8am to 6pm (BST), Monday to Friday, throughout the exam period. The Exam Helpline will not be able to accept late exam submissions or tell you whether your request will be accepted.


You must provide clear evidence that will confirm the extraordinary technical issues you experienced before the exam deadline. All evidence will need to have a date and time stamp that proves your file upload was affected by the technical issue before the exam deadline.

A valid technical issue that prevented you submitting your exam files is one that affected the location where you attempted your exam or the software or hardware you used. This might include extraordinary internet or power issues, or an issue with the software you were using. Any technical issues you were aware of before the exam, such as poor internet access, are not considered to be extraordinary circumstances. Any widescale disruption caused by the University’s systems will be managed by the University and you will be contacted with advice.

Examples of evidence that may be accepted include:

  • a video of your attempt to submit your exam in Inspera that shows clearly how it was impacted
  • evidence from your internet provider that your service was unavailable towards the end of your exam time (internet issues early on in your exam time will not necessarily mean you were unable to submit due to technical reasons)
  • a screen shot or photo of an error message that confirms you were unable to submit your exam files before the deadline

Evidence that can support your request but will not be enough on its own includes:

  • proof that you haven’t edited your file(s) after your exam deadline
  • contacting the Exam Helpline seeking help for issues uploading your files

Individual Mitigating Circumstances and Late Submission

It is strongly recommended that you also apply for Individual Mitigating Circumstances alongside making a late submission request if circumstances affected your exam. This is because your late submission may not be accepted, and you may wish to make an IMC claim that your exam attempt was affected by technical difficulties.

There may also have been other circumstances affecting your exam attempt that you might wish to explain, even if your submission is eventually marked.

A decision on your late submission will be made before the IMC Panel meets, so this means in terms of process:

  • if your IMC relates only to your late submission of files and your request was subsequently accepted as late and marked, the IMC Panel will not consider your IMC claim as the issue raised will have been resolved without the need for an IMC
  • if your IMC relates to exceptional circumstances affecting your exam attempt as a whole and your submission was or was not accepted as late, the IMC Panel will consider your IMC claim


Your case will be considered by an academic panel. Their decision about whether to accept your late submission is final.

You should receive an email telling you whether or not your late exam submission has been accepted by the end of Thursday 1 September 2022.

The panel will accept your request if:

  • you have provided sufficient evidence of valid, technical issues preventing your on-time submission that could not have reasonably been expected or prevented, and
  • it is clear you will not gain an unfair advantage over other students if the late submission is accepted

If agreed by the panel, your late exam file(s) will be accepted and marked as normal. If not, any late files submitted through this process will not be marked. If you have not submitted any files for your exam, you will receive a mark of 0 for the non-submission.

If your request is unsuccessful

The late submission process is complete once you receive a decision. You will not be able to ask for the decision to be reviewed or submit additional evidence at a later point.

You should submit an IMC claim if you wish to make a case that your overall exam attempt was affected.

You may be able to appeal against an academic decision after it has been taken by your Board of Studies.

Contact us


If it is close to your exam deadline, call the Exam Helpline on +44 (0)1225 387500 (8am to 6pm BST, Monday to Friday during the exam period).