A placement student consulting with a business mento in front of engineering equipment

We hugely value the contribution from our University of Bath students. Our students get involved in real design work from day one, including thermal and daylight simulation of buildings using 3D environmental analysis software. We look forward to continuing the relationship for years to come.

— Hugh Griffiths, Partner, e3 consulting engineers

Business benefits

Placement students can add real value to your business and can support your company in a number of ways.

Add value

Access motivated and high quality individuals with specialised knowledge, suitable for your organisation’s requirements. Our placement students make valuable contributions to their placement employers and add real business value.

Get a new perspective

Benefit from fresh ideas and an external viewpoint, alongside up-to-date theoretical knowledge. Our placemment students bring new insight and ideas to their employers' products and processes.

Recruit staff

Hiring new staff can be a difficult and expensive process. More and more employers are now recruiting predominantly from their placement pool to increase the chances of obtaining a sucessful long-term graduate recruit.

Placements are a cost-effective way of successfully identifying and assessing committed students for future graduate employment. Students are often keen to join their placement employer after graduation.

Placement students can also be invaluable for providing help for specialist or one-off projects, or to fill a temporary skills gap without long-term commitment.

Develop your employees

Your current staff can gain valuable supervisory or mentoring experience by working with our placement students. Taking on new placement students can rejuvenate the atmosphere in the workplace.

Build networks

Developing links with the University may lead to joint research or other collaborative ventures. Build partnerships and networks through our diverse talent pool of students.