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Mapping your employability journey

Find out how to plan your career journey using the Employability Map.

Planning your career

Career planning can feel overwhelming and it helps to break it down into small manageable steps. There are plenty of opportunities here at Bath for you to enhance your skills, gain experience and build your confidence but you may be unsure where to start or what to do. The employability map can help.

At registration and enrolment all students complete two careers related questions. These questions relate to career readiness and career development experiences. This process is referred to as Careers Registration and can help you reflect on where you are and what you need. It also provide valuable information to the University to help us refine and target services.

Two cartoon people holding a banner that has three shapes on it that represent Discover, Focus and Act.

Career stages

The four key stages are:

How to use the Employability Map

Plot your own journey across the stages

A cartoon of an old-style plane pulling a banner that includes the shapes that represent Discover, Focus and Act

The map has been designed to show progression throughout your university life but don’t worry if you are at a different stage or haven’t had time to consider your future career. There is an element of flexibility built in and with links to resources, events, videos and more. So that you can take the next steps in confidence.

The map is not intended to be exhaustive but it will help you navigate the range of enrichment and development activities open to you and signpost to professional and support services if you need more personalised help and advice.

Use the checklist to track your progress and plan ahead.

Start using the Employability Map

Start your employability journey

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