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My experiences as a pharmacy student at Bath

Emma, a second year pharmacy student, talks about what she likes to do in her spare time, becoming a peer mentor and the course itself.

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'Our lecturers are teacher practicioners so they spend half their time out in practice and half their time teaching us'

Free time in Bath

In my spare time, I like to go shopping. Bath has every shop you can think of, so there is a lot of choice. I also like going to the different museums and art galleries we have here. I enjoy nights out in Bath as well; there is a different night out almost every day of the week so there is something for everyone. Whenever I have a free hour between lectures, I like to go to the Students’ Union and see what’s going on. A lot of events take place there, sometimes companies come in, talk to students and even hand out free stuff!

The pharmacy degree

One thing that makes the Department really special is the fact that our lecturers are teacher practitioners so they spend half their time out in practice and half their time teaching us. This makes us really up to date with what is going on in practice at the moment. I am currently studying respiratory disease and dermatology. We made a video on the inhaler technique and a quick reference guide for prescribers on eczema. This has taken all of our learning on how to use these drugs and put it into practice. Soon, we are going to go on a hospital visit where we will get to see how these drugs are applied in a hospital setting.

Peer mentors

I got allocated a peer mentor in the year above when I first started studying here. It was really useful for me because whenever I was worried about exams or coursework, she would give me advice on how to get the most out of my studies, which increased my confidence. She inspired me to become a peer mentor this year, so I now have peer mentees in the year below and I am trying to pass on that same advice that she gave me to them.

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