DBS checks

It is a legal requirement of the General Pharmaceutical Council that all Master of Pharmacy students undergo a DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) criminal records check. You can find out more information about these checks on the DBS website. You must apply for your DBS check during the first few weeks of Semester 1 (Year 1). If the results of this check show that you have a criminal conviction, caution, reprimand or warning which is deemed unacceptable under the General Pharmaceutical Councils (GPhC) fitness to practise concerns in education and training policy then you may ultimately be required to withdraw from your course. You should also refer to the University's Fitness to Practise policy.

What you need to do now?

When we ask you to complete the DBS application form, you will need to provide 3 acceptable documents to prove your name, date of birth and address. UK students will need a document as evidence of their current permanent address (at point of application for the DBS), this could be a bank statement or driving licence. EU and overseas students will need a document showing their UK address (such as a UK bank account opening letter/statement). Please bring the necessary identification documents with you when you arrive at University as you will be asked to complete the DBS application form within the first few weeks of Semester 1. We will not submit your DBS application form to the DBS unless we have seen original identification documents. Most students provide a passport, driving licence, and bank statement (this cannot be produced online but must have been posted to your permanent address or printed and stamped in a branch of the bank), other documents are acceptable. You can find the DBS list of suitable documents on their website.

If you are unable to produce documents from route 1, please contact student-dbs@bath.ac.uk for advice.

The cost of the DBS check is £44.80 (unless you are unable to meet route 1 in which case there will be an additional charge) which is paid via the University online store. You will also be required to sign up to the DBS Update Service for the duration of your studies. There is an annual charge for this service.

If you already have an enhanced DBS check for adult and child workforce and are registered with the Update Service please contact student-dbs@bath.ac.uk.

Students who have lived abroad

If you have lived abroad for a period of six months or more, within the last five years, you will also be required to produce a criminal records check, or "certificate of good character" from those countries that you have lived in. Please make the applications for these checks now so that you will have them with you on arrival in Bath. Further information can be found on the DBS website about overseas criminal records checks and how to apply.

There will be a DBS information session during Induction week on Friday 1st October where you will be given more information.

I look forward to meeting you then.

Dr Andy Thompson,

Admissions Tutor (MPharm)