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Careers mission statement

A summary of the overall vision and specific aims of Careers and an outline of the core principles on which we operate.


To be a highly-valued, integrated part of University life, known for our expertise, professionalism and client-focused approach, and for our ability to respond flexibly to changes in the University’s strategic direction and the external environment.


We empower and enable our clients to build, make sense of and articulate their education, employment and extra-curricular experience in order to explore and find their career direction, and to make successful career transitions.

Our aims are:

  • to enable clients to understand the career planning process, and to identify their values, interests and skills and reflect on these in order to make choices
  • to provide accurate and relevant information on occupations and opportunities, including graduate vacancies, internships, gap year activities, voluntary work and postgraduate study
  • to help students develop their employability skills and obtain appropriate work experience
  • to enable clients to understand how to market themselves effectively
  • to advise employers on the recruitment of Bath graduates, to offer employers efficient recruitment facilities and to promote the University and its graduates to employers
  • to support University staff by providing career planning and skills development for students, and by providing information on the destinations of their students
  • to keep the University informed about graduate recruitment trends, and help the University market itself to potential students through the collection and dissemination of information on graduate destinations

Statement of principles

Careers is committed to:

  • providing services of a high professional standard, responding to client need and welcoming feedback from clients and colleagues
  • ensuring equality of opportunity in the delivery of the service
  • guaranteeing impartiality and confidentiality to students and graduates
  • treating both clients and colleagues with respect and courtesy
  • fostering a spirit of team working with colleagues

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