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Careers employer guide to understanding visas

Find out more about the types of visas available to our international students.

With so much great talent available, here are two more great reasons to consider hiring international students and graduates:

Graduate visa

The Graduate visa will be available to international students who have successfully completed a degree in the UK. This will enable international students to remain in the UK and work in any job in any sector. It will be an unsponsored route.

Key benefits of the Graduate visa route:

  • no need for sponsorship or endorsement by employer or university
  • graduates can work at any level
  • graduates can stay in the UK to work for up to two years (three years for PhD graduates)
  • all graduates (on a valid Student visa) are eligible upon successful completion of their course
  • all graduates can apply from the UK

Skilled Worker visa

The Skilled Worker visa came into effect on 1 December 2020, with changes implemented from 4 April 2024.

From 4 April 2024 the new salary threshold is £30,960/y or the going rate for the job role (whatever is higher) for new entrants (which include most of our current students, please see eligibility criteria) and £38,700/y or the going rate for the job role (whatever is higher) for most other applicants. There are other exceptions, please see this link for more information on who may be able to get sponsorship for a job with a lower salary. There are also different salary criteria if the job role belongs to specific health and education roles.

Key benefits of the Skilled Worker visa route:

  • minimum skills threshold lowered, resulting in more non-graduate level jobs being eligible for visa sponsorship
  • employers exempt from Immigration Skills Charge for students on Student/Tier 4 visas switching to this visa
  • all students can apply from the UK.

See the Student Immigration Working After Studies resource for more information.

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