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Health and clinical research

This theme comprises two groups: Health services research and Musculoskeletal medicine.

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Health services research

Our aim is to engage in high quality, robust research to generate evidence to inform practice and policy.

We will improve the quality of life of people who use medicines by generating evidence to inform their ability to use their safe, effective and efficient use of medicines. We will also influence the future development of the pharmacy profession to optimise patient benefit and professional satisfaction.

We optimise health service delivery and use in general, with a specific focus on:

  • Medicines optimisation (the safe, effective and efficient use of medicines prescription and over-the-counter (OTC) medicines) and medication adherence, particularly by vulnerable patient populations, and medicines safety.
  • Developing the pharmacy workforce and the contribution of the pharmacy profession to increase capacity and capability within healthcare.
  • Behaviour change of service users and service providers.
  • Co-production of services with patients and public to provide solutions to healthcare challenges. We adopt a multidisciplinary, collaborative approach to our research linking academic (health psychology, education), clinical (community, primary and secondary care), patient and public partners, and use a broad range of research methods.

Seminars and news

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Impact case stories

Evidence-based management of minor ailments

Research led by Professor Mags Watson has helped to inform national policy for out-of-hours services in Scotland. Her ongoing research focusses upon improving the quality of the management of minor ailments consultations in community pharmacies. In addition, her research has led to national training initiatives to promote optimal use of OTC medicines as part of the ongoing Triads-P research programme.

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Evidence-based approaches to enhancing pharmaceutical care

We will generate evidence to inform the future delivery of pharmaceutical care in general and specifically to vulnerable patient populations including the elderly, individuals with sensory and or cognitive impairment, and substance misusers.

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Musculoskeletal medicine

Our purpose is to prevent or minimise the effect of chronic musculoskeletal disease throughout the human life cycle.

We will improve the quality of life of people with arthritis by earlier detection, better profiling and stratifying treatment in order to achieve relevant outcomes that matter.

Our research methodology includes analysis of health-linked databases (e.g. Clinical Practice Research Datalink), biomarker development, validation of outcome measures that matter, and observational and interventional clinical studies.

Our major focus is musculoskeletal disease, autoimmunity and chronic inflammation.

Impact case stories

Bath to lead £2 million research into Psoriatic Arthritis

Professor Neil McHugh is leading a £2 million project into improving the lives of those with the painful arthritic condition Psoriatic Arthritis (PsA). The five-year research programme aims to improve diagnosis, referral pathways and clinical care for people with PsA.

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Bath to be part of £5.1m research consortium to treat lupus

The group, led by Professor Neil McHugh, are part of a new £5.1 million consortium of universities and industrial partners in a project aimed at improving treatment of lupus. The team (including Dr Zoe Betteridge) will be measuring immune markers in patients to help tailor the optimal treatment for each individual.

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