University of Bath

Medicines design

Our aim is to understand and apply underlying scientific principles in the rational design of medicines.

The Medicines design research theme is composed of dedicated members with strong expertise and pioneering projects in drug design and delivery.

We combine specialised disciplines in medicinal chemistry, chemical biology, immuno-oncology, regenerative medicine, microbiology, epithelial and skin cell biology, photobiology and pharmaceutics to design and evaluate innovative drugs. These drugs include biosensors, biologics, antimicrobials, anti-ageing, anti-cancers and other therapeutic medicines with the potential for global impact across healthcare.

We also lead cutting-edge projects in medicines design and optimisation of topical (skin and nail) and orally inhaled and nasal drug products as well as prediction of oral and topical drug absorption.

Impact case stories

New research venture aims to lower cost of medicines

We are part of a major research collaboration that strives to open up the pharmaceutical drugs market and enable the design of better and cheaper medicines. The research consortium will lead projects to understand and improve how different locally acting drugs (skin, nasal, inhaled) are delivered and absorbed by the body, with the potential for global impact across healthcare.

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Lung patients benefit from new inhaler technology

New PowderHale® technology developed by our researchers radically improves the delivery of potentially life-saving medication with dry inhalers.

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