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Drug and target discovery

We deliver innovative drug and target discovery science to address to priority health and medical problems.

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Our strength lies in the diversity and breadth of our experience from drug discovery and the understanding of fundamental properties of cells through to target validation and evaluating the mechanisms of disease.

We have combined inter-disciplinary expertise in drug design and chemical synthesis through to models of cell behaviour and disease.

Specific areas of research expertise include:

  • Inflammation, infection and immunity including musculoskeletal and respiratory disease
  • Neuroscience including depression, addiction, epilepsy, and learning and memory
  • Cancer with a particular focus on prostate cancer
  • Cardiovascular science pharmacology

We are committed to the training of future research leaders in drug and target discovery. Our dynamic research environment aims to generate the next generation of highly skilled researchers.

Impact case stories

Potential treatment for drug addiction relapse revealed

Research published in Addiction Biology by Drug & Target Discovery scientists at the University of Bath reveals a new potential mechanism for combatting drug addiction relapse.

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Using daffodils to create cancer treatments

We're exploring how compounds derived from natural products found in daffodils could be used in potential cancer treatments.

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