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University of Bath

Department of Architecture & Civil Engineering academic staff

We oversee and deliver teaching and research activities in the Department.

Our duties include:

  • teaching on our undergraduate and taught postgraduate courses
  • developing and delivering research expertise across our portfolio
  • building collaborative networks across educational and industrial sectors
  • supervision of postgraduate students

Head of Department

Professor Stephen Emmitt

Academic and teaching staff

    • Dr Kemi Adeyeye, Associate Professor
    • Dr Stephen Allen, Lecturer in Energy and Environmental Engineering
    • Dr Richard Ball, Reader/Year 2 Civil Engineering tutor
    • Jayne Barlow, Teaching Fellow in Architecture
    • Nigel Bedford, Teaching Fellow in Architecture
    • Dr Chris Blenkinsopp, Senior Lecturer in Water Engineering/Admissions Tutor for Civil Engineering
    • Dr Kevin Briggs, Lecturer in Geotechnical Engineering/Placements Tutor/Site Visit Coordinator
    • Dr Lee Bryant, Lecturer in Water Engineering/Civil Engineering Erasmus Coordinator
    • Scott Cahill, Teaching Fellow in Architecture
    • Anne Claxton, Teaching Fellow in Architecture
    • Professor Peter Clegg, Professor of Architecture
    • Dr Ricardo Codinhoto, Senior Lecturer
    • Professor David Coley, Professor of Zero Carbon Design/Director of Energy and the Design of Environments (EDEn)/Director of the Building Research Park
    • Dr Alex Copping, Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor)/Construction Project Management/Director of Studies for the MSc in International Construction Management/Examinations Officer
    • Dr Antony Darby, Reader in Structural Engineering/Head of Civil Engineering
    • Dr Mark Evernden, Senior Lecturer in Structures/Director of Studies for Civil Engineering undergraduate courses
    • Dr Veronica Ferrandiz-Mas, Lecturer in Innovative Construction Materials/Civil Engineering Laboratory Liaison Coordinator
    • Dr Michael Forsyth, Lecturer in Architectural Conservation/Director of Studies Conservation of Historic Buildings
    • Dr Giorgia Giardina, Lecturer in Structures
    • Martin Gledhill, Senior Teaching Fellow in Architecture/Admissions & Fair Access Tutor
    • Simon Gould, Teaching Fellow in Architecture
    • Rob Gregory, Teaching Fellow in Architecture
    • Dyfed Griffiths, Teaching Fellow in Architecture/Director of Studies for RIBA Part 3/Professional Studies Adviser/Erasmus Coordinator/Undergraduate Director of Teaching
    • Dr Robert Grover, Teaching Fellow in Architecture/Year 3 Design Studio Coordinator/Year 1 BSc Design Studio Coordinator
    • Dr Marion Harney, Undergraduate and Postgraduate Director of Teaching
    • Professor Vaughan Hart, Professor of Architecture
    • Professor Andrew Heath, Professor in Civil Engineering/Director of Centre for Learning and Teaching/ Director of Centre for Infrastructure, Geotechnics and Water Engineering (IGWE)
    • Jo Hibbert, Teaching Fellow in Architecture
    • Dr Juliana Calabria Holley, Lecturer in Architecture/Director of Studies for MSc Civil Engineering: Innovative Structural Materials
    • Dr Sarah Howard, Teaching Fellow in Architecture
    • Professor Tim Ibell, Professor of Structural Engineering/Associate Dean (Learning & Teaching)
    • Julia Kashdan-Brown, Teaching Fellow in Architecture
    • Dr Xinyuan Ke, Prize Fellow/Seminars Coordinator
    • Dr Tristan Kershaw, Lecturer in Climate Resilience and Director of Postgraduate Research
    • Dr Thomas Kjeldsen, Senior Lecturer in Civil Engineering/Director of Research
    • Gavin Knowles, Teaching Fellow in Civil Engineering/Year 3 Civil Engineering Tutor
    • Toby Lewis, Teaching Fellow in Architecture/Year 5 MArch Design Studio Coordinator
    • Frank Lyons, Teaching Fellow in Architecture
    • Dr Stephen Lo, Senior Lecturer in Sustainable Environmental Engineering/Director of Studies for the MSc Modern Building Design
    • Hugo Marrack, Teaching Fellow in Architecture
    • Dr Daniel Maskell, Lecturer/Year 4 Civil Engineering tutor
    • Dr Gerrit Meijer, Lecturer in Geotechnical Engineering
    • Dr Nick McCullen, Lecturer in Low-Carbon Design/Director of Studies for MSc Architectural Engineering: Environmental Design
    • Rob Mitchell, Teaching Fellow in Architecture
    • Dr Sukumar Natarajan, Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor) in Environmental Design
    • Professor Kevin Paine, Reader in Civil Engineering/Deputy Director of BRE Centre for Innovative Construction Materials (CICM)/Department Research Ethics Officer (DREO)/
    • Dr Loizos Pelecanos, Lecturer in Geotechnical Engineering
    • Miss Natalie Price, Teaching Fellow in Civil Engineering
    • Dr Robert Proctor, Senior Lecturer in Architectural History and Theory
    • Dr Cormac Reale, Lecturer in Geotechnical Engineering
    • Dr Erfan Shahabpoor, Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Human-Structure Dynamics
    • Dr Andrew Shea, Senior Lecturer in Building Physics/Year 1 Civil Engineering Tutor
    • Dr Paul Shepherd, Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor) in Digital Architectonics/Outreach and Widening Participation Representative
    • Dr Victoria Stephenson, Prize Fellow/Seminars Coordinator
    • Dominic Taylor, Teaching Fellow in Architecture
    • Dr Andrew Thomson, Teaching Fellow
    • Mike Tonkin, Teaching Fellow in Architecture
    • Professor Pete Walker, Professor of Innovative Construction Materials/Director of BRE Centre for Innovative Construction Materials (CICM)
    • Dr Jie Wang, Lecturer in Structural Engineering Design/Civil Engineering UG Lab Coordinator
    • Vanessa Warnes, Teaching Fellow in Architecture
    • Mark Watkins, Teaching Fellow in Architecture
    • Matthew Wickens, Senior Teaching Fellow in Architecture/Year 4 BSc Design Studio Coordinator
    • Mark Wilson Jones, Senior Lecturer in Architecture
    • Daniel Wong, Director of Studies for BSc Architecture/Year 2 and 3 Design Studio Coordinator
    • Mark Wray, Teaching Fellow in Architecture
    • Professor Alex Wright, Professor of Architecture/Head of Architecture/Year 6 MArch Design Studio Coordinator
    • Dr Jun Zang, Reader in Civil Engineering Hydraulics/Deputy Director of Centre for Infrastructure, Geotechnics and Water Engineering (IGWE)

Visiting staff