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CBOS Online Global Corporate Governance Summit 2020: Call for papers

A call of papers for 2020 Global Corporate Governance Summit.

The CBOS global corporate governance summit 2020 is a response to the on-going COVID-19 pandemic, and the cancelations of many conferences. The summit is designed to provide a flexible format and a forum for the presentation of, engagement with and feedback on the many conference submissions around issues of corporate governance that you may now have little or no opportunity to present.

The summit will take an inclusive view of what constitutes corporate governance. By way of examples, we encourage submissions of work on issues such as:

  • Corporate governance codes, their uses, limitations, development and implementation
  • Corporate board research, including issues of board composition, structure, and role of the board
  • CEO pay, including the role of the remuneration committee, issues of pay parity, social impact of pay differentials and behavioural work around pay and reward
  • Disclosure and reporting, including work on the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), the Modern Slavery Act, responsible supply-chain initiatives, triple bottom line disclosure and the broader environmental, social and governance (ESG) and CSR agenda
  • Shareholder activism and its challenges, opportunities and implications for firm behaviour and performance
  • Corporate political activity and emergent issues in lobbying, controversies and institutions
  • The role of governance in the gig-economy and fourth sector companies and online platforms
  • The intersection of corporate governance and global governance (e.g. issues around human rights, environmental management, pandemic responses)
  • Behavioural governance and the micro-foundations of corporate boards

The above list is meant to be indicative rather than exhaustive, and should be interpreted in the round.

The summit is organised for maximum flexibility and ease of engagement, recognising that many of us are working from home with a plethora of competing commitments. The basic structure is that participants upload a ten-minute recorded presentation, or a PowerPoint slide deck with notes on each slide along with their conference paper submission by Monday June 29th 2020 to our online platform. On Tuesday June 30 our summit web site opens, and you are free to watch videos or engage with PowerPoint presentations in your own time. For each submission there will be a mechanism for providing feedback and asking questions of the author(s), who can respond in their own time. There is also the opportunity to nominate a paper for the Best Corporate Governance Summit paper. On Saturday July 11 and Sunday July 12 at 8:30 PM GMT there will be a live online session, where the 2-3 papers will be presented in each slot. The organisers will pick the papers based on the level of engagement, feedback and conversation the papers garner through the online forum. We will of course also check with the authors of the selected papers if they want the opportunity to present the paper. The Best Paper winner will be announced Sunday July 12 2020 at 8:30PM GMT

This event is free, but we ask that you register via our web site. Your registration will be taken as an indication that you will be uploading material for the summit. For full details email