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Department of Biology & Biochemistry: Welcome from your Director of Teaching

Dr Chris Todd welcomes students who are joining the Department in the 2020/21 academic year.

On behalf of all the staff I very much welcome you all to the Department of Biology & Biochemistry.

I am sure you are looking forward to starting your university career and we hope that you will continue to be successful in your studies with us.

Your first weeks at university can be a challenge even under normal circumstances but this year there are particular restriction that require us all to work in different ways. We are here to help you to transition to tertiary education. We aim to support you to embrace the personal and academic growth that being at university encourages.

There is a programme of Welcome events, some of which are online and some of which are on campus. In these we will give you more details about your new Department, studying at University and your degree course. This will be a large amount of information, so we will have recordings, handbooks and online resources to which you can refer if you miss something. However, we do encourage you to try to grasp with the main points straight away as that will allow a smoother transition to your new environment.

Early on you get to meet your Personal Tutor, who will be a point of both academic and pastoral support for you during your studies. It is important to build a strong relationship with your tutor, but, as with all relationships, both parties need to put in effort for it to work really well. Your Personal Tutor would normally be the first contact point if you have an issue whilst at University.

A second set of staff who help students are the Directors of Studies. There is one for each of the degree subjects run from our Department:

Dr Susan Crennell for Biochemistry

Dr James Doughty for Biology

Dr Alex Jeffries for Biomedical Sciences

You will get to meet your Director of Studies during the Welcome events. The Director of Studies is responsible for the day-to-day management of your course and liaising with you about your course.

As Director of Teaching, I have an overarching role to ensure overall smooth operation of undergraduate teaching in the Department.

We look forward to meeting you at the start of the academic year. Please arrive refreshed and ready to throw yourself into all that the University has to offer; it is your degree, so make the most of it.

Dr Chris Todd

Director of Teaching

Key members of staff

Some names and faces you’ll want to remember.

Photo of Prof David Tosh

Prof David Tosh, Head of Department

Photo of Prof Adele Murrell

Prof Adele Murrell, Deputy Head of Department

Photo of Dr Chris Todd

Dr Chris Todd, Director of Teaching

Photo of Dr James Doughty

Dr James Doughty, Director of Studies for Biology

Photo of Dr Susan Crennell

Dr Susan Crennell, Director of Studies for Biochemistry

Photo of Dr Alex Jeffries

Dr Alex Jeffries, Director of Studies for Biomedical Sciences